Why Your Lifestyle is Changing Your Face

Have you ever noticed how your hands are a lighter shade than your face? Your hands are flexing thousands and thousands throughout the day, which means they have a lot of blood flow. Lots of veins spread out from your wrist to your palm and fingers. Fresh oxygen is getting to the muscles and skin, so in fact, your true healthy color is on your hands. The face, however, has lots of tiny muscles but the main blood flow travels up to the brain. Your face doesn’t move a lot even when talking, so old liquids and blood just sought of hangs around. But what can change this, without buying expensive beauty products?

What are your habits?

We wear our lifestyle on our faces. The things we do without having a second thought, often end up hurting our looks. One glass of wine a day is fine, but too much alcohol makes your face puffy and bloated

Another is obvious and staring you in the face. Smoking has a number of horrible repercussions on your looks. Your cheeks lose their natural color and become duller; a slightly grey shade. Your face becomes drier also and thus wrinkles form quicker. Cutting back on drinking is far easier than stopping smoking but many pharmacies offer a stop smoking service. Just walk in and talk to the pharmacist behind the counter, and they will direct you to the right kind of nicotine alternatives to you. From gum, patches and even to sprays, you can get your nicotine through different ways without harming your complexion.

When I stopped smoking, I noticed a huge change in my complexion. My face wasn't as dry, and I slowly started to get colour back into my cheeks. 


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