5 Ways to Reduce Social Anxiety

For me, social anxiety can be a real problem. When I was younger, I would be so scared of seeing other people in public that I would get palpitations from the thought of getting on a bus or train.

This actually carried on until University, but along with therapy and medication, I found some ways to ease my anxiety about new and difficult social situations. I’ve added them below in case you fancy trying them out!

Hot Bath/Shower

Whenever I have an event coming up, or I’m simply worried about going out in public (it can happen), I’ll take an hour beforehand to just try and relax. I’ll light some candles, run a bubble bath, and add some lavender oil to the water. My parents recently got rid of our bath (yes I still live at home lol) so I’ve taken some time to just stand under our steam Insignia Shower.

Get some Headspace

If you suffer badly from your anxiety, I actually recommend downloading the Headspace app. I’ve spoken about this app before, but it’s totally worth it. You can get a free trial for a week or so, and even the trail can help you order your thoughts! Practices take about 5 minutes out of your day, so it’s not too imposing.


This might just be me, but I find that tidying my room, lighting candles and changing my bedding can positively affect my mood. I think it’s because I have something to focus on apart from the anxiety? I’m not too sure, but it really helps me to take my mind off of stressful thoughts.

Tackle the Cause

Sometimes, just sitting back and thinking about why you’re so anxious can help you understand why you feel the way you feel. With my public transport fear, I kind of decided one day to sit down with myself and figure it out. I actually realized that it’s because of my fear of terrorism, crowded spaces and strangers. Once I recognized this, my anxiety kind of relaxed a little bit. I still get anxious, don’t get me wrong, but knowing why I get so anxious helps out my mind at ease a little bit.

Putt Yourself First

This one might be obvious, but for some people, it actually isn’t. Putting ourselves first can be a bit of a bizarre concept, but it’s actually super important. The moment I said no to social engagements that made me feel stressed, the better I felt. Of course, I haven’t secluded off from friends, and I don’t recommend you do this either, but sometimes when your mental health is in a bad way, we have to put ourselves first and decline social invitations in order to provide ourselves with some self-care.


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