5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Home For Winter

 When you’re trying to save money where you can, household bills can be a complete money drainer in winter. Not only this, but the season is the worst for losing energy in the home. With Furnace Friday behind us, and the nights getting darker, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming winter months, and how they can affect our purses and wallets. But there are some things you can do to both save energy, prepare for winter, and keep those energy bills low. 

Ensure your appliances are working

First things first, you can check your appliances to ensure they’re well up to date and performing well. The boiler and radiators can be some of the first appliances to break down in the lead up to winter, so make sure they work correctly. If you find that your appliances are outdated, make sure you replace or update them. Energy saving doesn’t have to mean cheap looking – there are plenty of options to have Stylish Designer Radiators for great prices throughout the home.

Stock Up

Now I’m not saying become one of those people who stock pile food and stuff like that – but make sure you have some essentials ready to pick at if you’re stuck in on a snow day (or if it’s just too cold to leave the house!). This could be tinned food or beauty products.

Take Precautions

In the past few years, the weather has been a bit crazy. With the wildfires in Greece and California this summer, it might not be such a reach to assume that something big will happen in winter to. You can take some precautions for extreme weather a few ways:

-Stock up on candles (for any power outages)

-Check your tires (bald tires are more dangerous on the roads)

-Buy solar-powered battery packs (for charging phones in an emergency)

Sleep Cozy

Leaving your heating on overnight is a sure fire way to burn up your money as you sleep. Try and turn off your heating, or schedule it to come on at a certain time in the morning. If you get cold during the night, opt for a thicker duvet, hot water bottles, or even electric blankets.

Dress for the Occasion

One sure fire way to get a cold is by not dressing appropriately. Make sure you’re dressed for winter, and grab some gloves, scarves and hats for you and the family. Also ensure you have a thick coat and insulated shoes should you need them!

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