Distracting Your Anxiety: Tips And Tricks I Use To Keep Busy & Stay Calm

I suffer from anxiety about a range of things. First, there are obvious triggers that make me anxious, such as work stress and public speaking. But then there are the lesser known triggers, such as my anxiety about social spaces and public transport. Even the smallest thing can trigger feelings of panic and cause an elevated heart rate, and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve added some of the ways I deal with my anxiety below, for those who might suffer in silence and are looking for a way to chill out.

Make Your Room Your Safe Space

This is super important for me, and I only realised this through therapy. I use my bedroom as an escape, and more often than not you’ll find me bundled under the covers with a book, Yankee candle flickering away in the corner, Roller Blinds shut and some chill Spotify Playlist playing through my speakers. I use the space as somewhere to be by myself, address my thoughts and shut out the outside world, and if you can do this I suggest you give it a go. Try updating your design, tidying it from top to bottom and changing your bedsheets. This always seems to help me focus my mind and feel a bit better about any hectic things going on in my life.

Try New Hobbies

This can be a hard thing to think about when you’re stressed and anxious, but there are a few hobbies I picked up when I first started feeling this way that has helped me out immensely. Gaming has become a big part of this, and I’m so glad it has! In school, I used to play games on my dad’s PC, but when I grew up and got into uni this stopped. Since starting my new job, I found that I could afford a PS4, so I went with it and bought some games. I was hooked from day 1. Even now I play on a daily basis when I can, and I even started a side blog for my gaming and film/tv obsession.

If you’re new to gaming, see what deals you can find for Cheap Xbox Live, Computer, and PS4 bundles. I always game more when I’m a bit stressed, like right now I have a new role in my office and I’m playing Spider-Man on PS4 every night just to switch my brain off!

Try Not To Isolate Yourself

Although it’s tempting, don’t isolate yourself. Your friends and family are one of the most important support systems you have in your life. Talk them through the problems you’re having. It might be hard but it’s important for your mental health that you don’t bottle everything up.

Apps To Help & Heal

Whether you’re struggling to help, there are a number of social media apps that can help with anxieties.  In the past, I’ve used Headspace, Thrive and a number of apps that help with sleeping and breathing exercises. Check out the app store, I’m sure there are tonnes of helpful apps you can find!

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