Guide for First Time Renters In The UK

In my life, I’ve lived in a total of four places. I’m not new to the concept of renting, but I know that for some it can be daunting and a completely new thing. Since I moved back in with my parents, the idea of renting has been slowly creeping up on me, which is why I decided to make a little renting guide for anyone in the same position.

Research The Property

Before sealing the deal on a rented property, make sure it’s the right one for you. Is it in the right area? At the right price? Also take into consideration the price of your rent, the price of council tax, bills and utilities. You don’t want to get the flat of your dreams and then scrimp trying to save money for it.

Save More Than You Need

Although we’d all like to think we can just grab the flat we want exactly when we want it, the truth is exactly opposite. For the majority of places in the UK, you will need to pay a deposit, your first month of rent and any fees on top of that (including agency fees). Always add up what you need to save and save a little more on top of that. Having a little cushion to fall back on is great for unexpected fees such as the cost of moving your furniture with companies such as M25 Supervan London.

Decor, Baby

If you’re an avid decorator like me, you’ll want to get stuck in the with the painting and redecorating on your new place. But have you checked if you can actually change the decor? Some landlords don't allow you to put up posters, let alone change the paint colours. Always ask the question before making the decision to rent.

Is It The Right Place For You?

This is a tough one, because you may have found a great place for you, but is it really good for you? Is it in the right area, are there local shops, gyms and other places for you? Because if not you might have to say goodbye. Amenities are essential to moving out, and if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can easily get stuck.


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