What To Do When You're a 20 Something Suffering From Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common health conditions, but also one of the most misunderstood. In the last few years, I've suffered from some extreme back pain, with the causes changing from larger breasts to lumpy beds and chronic illness. Back pain can come out of nowhere, and when you're a 20 something suffering from stiffness and pain, you might not know where to begin in terms of helping yourself. Below I've outlined some facts about back pain and how you can start to ease your symptoms.

Back Pain & Its Causes

If you were to ask 10 people what the cause of their back pain is, you would likely receive 10 different answers. There are hundreds of potential causes of back pain, ranging from simple wear and tear, to pregnancy, and even to serious injuries caused by others. As a result, if you develop back pain, it is important to speak to your doctor in an effort to ascertain the actual cause - without knowing this, you may struggle for effective treatment. When I first saw my doctor, he pinned my weight on the cause for my pain - when in reality the cause was my growing breasts.

Back Pain Can Happen At Any Age

Many of us associate back pain with later life, and there is some justification for this: statistically, back pain is more likely to occur in later life. However, back pain can impact anyone, especially as a result of spinal conditions such as degenerative disc disease. It is therefore important not to dismiss any back pain you experience as temporary due to your age; if your back hurts, investigate why this may be occurring.

Back Pain Has Become An Industry

Some methods of treating back pain are inexpensive; yoga, for example, has shown great promise in helping people treat the condition. However, studies have shown that back pain is incredibly costly to treat, and can result in extra health costs of over £3,000 per year, per individual (this is adding up chiropractor and massage costs along with NHS & Private medical treatment). It's super important to seek help as soon as possible to prevent the issue worsening if you develop back pain and, if applicable, consult a personal injury lawyer if someone else is to blame for your condition.

Don't Rest A Bad Back

This might be surprising, but resting a bad back can 100% make it worse. Movement encourages muscles to heal and strengthen, which is important when it comes to our backs, as it's our main support system. While you should always consult a medical professional for advice on your specific condition, for the most part, you will usually be told to actively exercise if you have hurt your back - strange, and quite different to what most people think is the right course of action, but true.


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