Winter-Proofing Your Home

I woke up this morning legit shivering. I always used to love the onset of cold weather, but I honestly am not feeling it this year. With winter creeping in and the nights getting darker so much earlier, I’ve decided to write up a little post about winter-proofing your home and how you can save energy by doing some basic tricks.

Buy Warm Clothes

Honestly, one of the easiest tricks for saving money comes in the form of layering it up. Think Joey in Friends when he wore all of Chandler’s clothes. Buy some fluffy jumpers, cosy socks and bundle up when you’re feeling the chill.

Change Your Bedding

If you suffer from chills at night, it might be worth replacing your duvet with a thicker tog in order to keep the warmth in. Thicker tog duvets can be bought online or in local stores, and many are put on offer in the lead up to winter months.

Make it Cosy

Think throw pillows, blankets and even duvet forts. Winter cold is no joke, and the cosier you are, the more likely you are to keep that heating turned down. To make it seem warmer than it is, ensure you have warm glow lighting including salt lamps and fairy lights, which make any space seem warm and inviting.

Make Sure You Aren’t Losing Heat

Before any of the aforementioned steps, make sure you aren’t actually losing any heat in the home. If your boiler is old, make sure to get it checked by a Specialist in Boiler Installation. If your home is prone to drafts, make sure you get draft stoppers. The same goes for your windows, as so much heat can be lost from incorrectly sealed window glass.


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