Scary Movie Night Essentials

If you haven’t clocked on to the new Netflix and Chills section on Netflix this month, then you need to pronto. There are so many spooky films and TV shows on there for you to get your teeth stuck into this Halloween. But before you settle down to do so, make sure you have some scary movie night essentials/survival gear.

The Ideal Film

First, you need to select the right film (or TV show). If you’re anything like me and my boyfriend, you might spend 30 minutes deciding on the right film to watch. Before you know it, you’re bored and you just want to get comfortable in bed and mess around on your phone.

Decide on the thing you want to watch a few days in advance, as it gives you some time to get excited and hyped about it too. If you need some inspo, Google some of the films you might be interested in watching. For me, I want to watch 90’s cult horror films, and Google is a gold mine – so make sure you do your research!


Of course, any movie night isn’t complete without snacks to chomp on. You can go for the classics, so popcorn, chocolate, sweets, or you can try your hand at baking, and take to Pinterest in order to find some spooky recipes.

If you’re planning a movie night with friends, I have a great idea for you to try! Make an alcoholic (or non-alcoholic if you prefer) red punch and add it to a large bowl. Next, fill a marigold glove (a new one) with water and gummy bears. Let this freeze overnight and peel off the glove to reveal a gory gummy zombie hand, place this in the bowl and you have your own zombie punch!


If you’re easily scared, you can be forgiven for wanting to watch a horror film with the big light on. But if you’re really up for a scare, make sure you have the right atmosphere for it. Light some candles, place some fairy lights in the room and turn the rest of the lights off. You’ll still have light, but the shadows will add to the spooky atmosphere…


Last but not least, everyone needs some comfy pj’s or loungewear before bedding in for a film. My favourite plus size pj’s at the moment can be found in the ASOS Curve range and on the Simply Be website! For extra comfort, make sure you’re surrounded with throw pillows and blankets. You’re all set! Enjoy the film and try not to think about the axe murderer lurking in your house….

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