Self Love & Commiting to Yourself

Has anyone else noticed the new trend emerging all about self-appreciation and self-loving? Self love has been around for years, but recently I've been hearing a lot about the self-love ring. Some women are literally marrying themselves. Now that's commitment...

Working with Angelic Diamonds, who are retailers of engagement rings, I wanted to take a closer look at this self marriage trend, and see how it all came about...

Where Did The Trend Come From?

A quick keyword search found that the trend of self marriage started in late 2016. But where did this idea of self engagement rings come from? I mean, I can see the appeal, sparkly ring without the commitment? I'm in. But the trend could potentially have started due to:

  • - The spike of social media movements leading to self love. With the likes of the body positive and fat acceptance movement, I can see why more and more women are taking to loving themselves a little more. 
  • - Celebrities, such as Ashley Graham, have really created a boom of self love in recent years. They've spoken up about their relationship with their body, and have encourage people to stop photo-shopping their images online.

If you think about it, the rise in mindfulness and meditation could also be a big factor in loving ourselves a little more, as we're forced to take an inward look at ourselves before judging our outer bodies. 

Self-Love Rings - What's The Deal?

Like I said before, I can totally understand why people are buying rings for themselves. If you have the money and the resources to do it, then why not? It's an ultimate commitment to self love, which it neat. Ideally worn on your pinky as a promise to love yourself, these rings are usually bought as smaller engagement rings, and are meant to mean a lifetime dedicated to loving and caring for yourself. 

Marrying Yourself

Now, there's self love, and there's marrying yourself in a homemade ceremony. With the first of its kind happening in 1993, a sologamous wedding means you marry yourself and promise to cherish the relationship you have with yourself. Talk about extra. 

Although the marriage isn't legal (you can't really divorce yourself in modern society...) it seems as though more and more women are taking part in self marriage than ever before. 

For others who believe in self love, marriages such as this can also include your best friend, as a sign to cherish friendship above romantic love. Would you ever marry yourself?


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