Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

Game of Thrones Inspired

Looking for something rugged and Game of Thrones inspired? Think Hogtastic Hog Roasts, Fur Coats and open fires. Table ideas include house names (Stark, Targaryen), just don’t let it turn into a red wedding...


Think outdoor midsummer dreams with fairy light, tea light candles and wildflowers. Consider branches and fauna sprinkled on the table and create a woodland atmosphere in the venue itself.

Bookworms Wedding

Love reading? Why not make your wedding a bookworms dream. Table names can be called your favourite books, table settings could include stacks of books and even decorations could include book pages.

Detective Theme Wedding

Whether you love a bit of Poirot or Sherlock, a detective theme wedding could be super fun for both you and the guests. Why not have them solve a murder mystery after the ceremony, or even just name your tables after your favourite detectives?

Halloween Wedding

Halloween lover? Why not make your ceremony all things spooky with a black or red dress, tonnes of dark decor and black candles to top it all off? You could also feature orange flowers in your bouquet for extra autumn vibes.

Masquerade Wedding

Looking for mystery? Make your wedding something to remember. You could send your guest masks to wear on the evening and feature elegant touches in your venue to top it all off. I’m thinking the ballroom scene in Van Helsing, but that’s quite niche…

Harry Potter Nuptials

I love this idea. Not sure if I would do it myself but hats off to whoever fancies it. Table names could be houses and professors, and you may even find your wedding rings in the sorting hat...

Alice in Wonderland

Mad hatters gin party? I would be down for that. Think cocktails in teacups and casino games. This would also be a great theme if you love a splash of colour! Blues and reds all round would make a perfect accent.

Disney Theme

Lover of Disney? Why not make your wedding Disney themed with subtle hints of magic such as Mickey Mouse shoes and a castle cake?

Wrestling Theme

Again, niche, but something I can 100% get down with. Wrestler name tables, entrance music walking down the aisle? Hilarious.

Gamer Wedding

Big fan of games? Why not turn your wedding into a gamer delight with board games and console setups to last you all night.


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