Quirky Interior Design Trends For A/W 2018

Looking to overhaul your interiors this winter? Here are some of the top design trends for A/W 2018.

Winter Desert

Usually reserved for summer months, the desert trend seems no sign of slowing this year. Think gold cactus cups, green pattern throw pillows and deep green/purple wallpaper and colours to bring an element of warmth to the room.

Victorian Revival

design trends for A/W 2018

Think Luxury Fabrics, apothecary trinkets, velvet sofas and deep wooden accents. The Victorian trend is coming in hot and heavy this winter, and honestly? I’m loving it. For inspiration watch Dracula and Penny Dreadful for the perfect Halloween film decor inspo. I might sound mad, but this is actually one of my favourite design trends for A/W 2018.

Blue Grey

One of the colours standing out this year is Blue Grey. Not quite black, not quite grey and too deep to be called “just” blue, this trend is surely one we’re bound to see on Christmas dinner tables this year. Although black and grey come across as cold colours, the blue aspect really warms up the palette.


A more subtle trend this year comes in shades of beige. Nude colours aren’t new in the world of interior design, but mixing nude shades with mocha and richer browns with altering textures are! I think Kim K actually boosted this trend with a view into her and Kanye’s home earlier this year, but it seems more and more stylists are featuring this decor.

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