Back To Writing With Jord Watches – Gifted (AD)

Gifted (Ad)

As you may know, I’ve taken a step away from writing. But I’m glad to say that I’m celebrating my return with Jord Watches! If you’re into ethical living, these Wood Watches are carefully sourced and absolutely gorgeous. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find my giveaway information, but let’s start with a little comeback intro…

Why I Left Writing

A few things led up to my decision to stop writing, and although I’ve talked about it a bit on my Twitter, I’d like to talk about it briefly on here too.

In my opinion, “blogging” has become less about an authentic experience and more about clout. The more time I spent reading blogs, the less interested I became in those selling skinny teas and luxury holidays. I wanted to read empowering thought-provoking work, and the more I looked, the less I found.

I want to see you having a good time, doing stuff you love and if you’re collaborating, collaborating with companies you really vibe with!

wood watch review

Why I’m Back

I’m back because actually, I can be the girl talking about the stupid stuff going on in her life, the struggles with her body and the cheap budget holiday she found. In fact, I want to be that person.

I’ve always had a life online, and although I’ve come into issues with showing too much of myself/having information about my life out there, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it just comes with being a blogger. That being said though, I will be cutting back on how much I share my personal life on here.

One more thing I’ll say about coming back, then I’ll actually get on with this post, is that I feel as though I’m not “done”. In the words of Buffy, I’m not cookies:

“Okay, I’m cookie dough. I’m not done baking yet. I’m not finished becoming… whoever the hell it is I’m gonna turn out to be. I make it through this and the next thing and the next thing, and maybe one day I turn around and realize I’m ready, I’m cookies.” – Buffy Summers

So, yeah, maybe one day I will be done with “blogging”, but I think that I have a lot more to say on this little site, so let’s see where it goes. Now, a bit more about this amazing collab and less about me!

Jord Watches

When Jord Watches heard about me rebooting my site, they wanted to celebrate with me by offering me a watch to review and to offer you lovely people a chance to win £100 off an order with them!

Jord Watches, pronounced Yode, offer sustainable, efficient and lasting timepieces for the modern lifestyle. The company is run by artists & designers, who put their all in providing ethically sourced materials for their watches.

2019-03-16 03.14.56 2

I was offered a watch from the Frankie series to review, and I have to say it’s gorgeous. The watch itself features Sapphire Crystal Glass, a Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork, and Zebrawood. Sourced from West Africa, the grain is striking and is considered a luxury hardwood when it comes to Wooden Watches.

wood watch

When you receive your beautiful watch, you get a stunning package jam-packed with goodies. From a sturdy cleaning cloth to Wood Preserve, which can be massaged into the wood in order to preserve your Wood Watch for years to come. I love the way this watch looks for a day out or day date. Personally, I think it matches my style completely and I love the deep blue watch face! I think it can be styled so easily, however, if blue isn’t your vibe, the range comes in a few different colours!

Competition now closed.

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