How To Incorporate Ethical Living Into Your Everyday Life

When I was younger, I never really thought about the environment. As bad as it sounds, I would litter all the time in School and in Public. If I saw a kid do that now I’d be appalled, so god knows what others thought of me!

As I grew older and found out about climate change, ethical living and the damage we do as humans to our world, it really opened my eyes to what I could be doing differently to help. Some people might think that there’s no point, but if everyone did little things to help the environment, it will amount to a huge difference and actually help our planet down the line.

So, with that in mind, below are some helpful pointers and advice for when you want to add ethical living into your day to day life.

Water Bottles

It’s time to ditch the plastic. Plastic bottles offer you maybe 30 minutes of use, and they take four lifetimes to decompose. Try switching to cans of fizzy drinks when choosing a meal deal, and always make sure you carry a refillable water bottle when possible. My favourite are the stainless steel ones you can find on ebay. Not only can they be recycled down the line, but you can now get them in so many colours and designs, and because of the steel, your water will stay cold for some time after you’ve filled it!

Say No To Straws

Much like water bottles, plastic straws offer you one use and then are left to rot in our oceans. Although the government are looking to ban plastic straws in the future, there is something you can do to help out right now. Either say no to straw, or purchase your own reusable straws. Again, you can pick these up on eBay for quite cheap and will see you through for years.

Introduce Eco Alternatives

Along with straws and plastic bottles, there are some other household items that you can replace. For example, Eco-Friendly Packaging is on the up. It’s a great way of prepping your meals and reducing your plastic use at the same time. You can also find so many ethical stores cropping up online where you can shop everything from your food, clothing and toiletries if you’d like.

Grow Your Own

One quick way to save money and promote ethical living is by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Even in small flats, you can create windowsill trays where you can grow herbs and spices. There really isn’t an excuse to not do this, and it really is an easy way to help the environment (and your wallet).

Meat Free Mondays

This isn’t a new concept, but it really is a good way to cut down on meat, and in turn, help the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change and the less we eat, the lesser demand we make. With so many meat alternatives to choose from, it’s pretty easy to cook meals that don’t revolve around animals. Looking for some recipe info, check out this post!


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