How To Take Steps Towards Bettering Yourself

When you’re in a funk, it can be hard trying to make yourself a better person. When I get into black holes I especially have to fight and claw my way out of it. I call them black holes because it’s the only way I can describe them. Every couple of months or so I really fall hard into them and I become a complete introvert. I never want to leave the house, I struggle with food, and I find it hard to concentrate on anything in particular. When I’m coming out them, I always try and find ways to better myself, but actually getting to the point of doing anything is the hardest part about it. So below I’ve added some ways in which I try and help myself when it comes to changing my habits, my lifestlye, or when I just want to address some problems I have within myself regarding my personality etc.

Write It All Down

Sometimes, the thing stopping you from bettering yourself as a person comes down to something you haven’t even addressed yet. Make a list of all the obstacles in your way, either physically or mentall, and understand what exactly is stopping you. In some ways this is journalling, but it’s just for you, so be as open as you can with yourself.

Embrace Something New

If you’re not sure what you want to do, but you’re ready to try something new and experience new ways of living and inspiring others, than why not take an accredited NLP Training Course or learn to teach in China? When I was in Uni, I was really unsure about what I wanted to do. I applied to teach in China, and I even got the job! In the end, it wasn’t for me, but getting myself out there and applying really got me thinking about who I was and what I wanted to be. Sometimes, it’s the preamble to something that can really make you think, so why not give it a go and see if it’s for you? There’s no harm in doing some research!

Open Up A Discussion

Another way you can take steps towards bettering yourself is by opening up a discussion with friends/family/loved ones. This can be daunting, so I totally understand if this isn’t for you. But talking to the people who know you the most can give you a really good insight into how you are perceived by others. They can also help you figure out how you can better yourself in ways you may not have thought of before!

Create A Small Step Plan

If you’ve found that journalling helps you (it helps me a lot) then why don’t you make a small step plan? It can be as little as “get up at 6am every morning and have a glass of water”, or it can be something hard hitting like “hit the gym every day after work for a week” if you find that creating a small plan helps, stick to it! You can look back after a while and see how far you’ve come, I’ve found that it’s a really good Stress Solver as well…

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