How To Make Your Independant Store Stand Out

Do you have a small business? Looking for ways to make it stand out on the high street? Below are some of the latest trends in Interior Design which are perfect to translate into an interiors plan for your building. Many of the following can be achieved on a smaller budget, which means you can focus more spends on other aspects of your business!

Down To Earth

Many stores today focus on creating an expansive environment for their customer base. Unfortunately, this will mean that they cut back on personalisation within their store. To bring back that welcoming feeling, bring some earthy tones back into the business. Think succulents, warm tones and intimate music (depending on your business).

Industrial Designer

Happy with the idea of being more open and impersonal on your shop floor? It is a good way to enhance space and means less hassle when it comes to cleaning. One way to spruce up space could be to include decorative resin flooring, which can be changed to suit your theme within the store itself.

Friendly & Accessible

One way to get your store some good attention from the right people is to make it friendly and accessible. Why not introduce autism-friendly days, where those with autism and Aspergers can experience your store without being overloaded with music? It’s a great way to expand your customer base and means you can help those who would like to shop without sensory diversions.


If your store is one with minimal products for sale, such as clothing or food – why not create a two tonal atmosphere? Two-tone colours really stand out on a high street and mean it will draw attention to passers-by.

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