Ways To Enhance Your Online Business

Have an online business? If you have an online store, whether on your own website, through Etsy or even Amazon, these are some sure-fire ways to make yourself stand out above the rest.


One sure fire way to get attention is to have the same branding across your channels. Have social media linked to your website? Make sure your logo is visible and that your brand name is clear. There’s no use having linked social media if you cannot tell that the account belongs to you.

Offer Gift Wrapping

If you sell items and products that could double up as gifts, then why not offer gift wrapping at the checkout? Simply add an extra cost along with the option. It opens up the user experience for buyers on your site. With gift wrapping technology available nowadays, there’s no need to hand wrap your items either!

Free Delivery

One way to entice buyers to use your service above your competitors is to offer free delivery. You can do this without incurring a cost on your end too. Simply add the price of postage on to the price of the product you’re selling and offer free delivery at the checkout. You can also advertise free delivery on the image of the product as it appears in the search criteria of potential customers. This can be done in photoshop or via online services such as Canva for free.

Paid Ads

Another way you can boost your store is through paid ads. If you have your own domain and store, you can do this via google ads. If you have a store through Etsy, or something similar, you could utilise Facebook ads, which will reach people in your area and enlighten them about your site! Read this guide for more information.

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