Poetry: I Wrote This When I Didn’t Love Myself

purple and the colour of blood,
winding rivers on growing skin.
she grows and sags within the silver ageing arcs
and knows her aches will come to no good

the mirror reflects a society
and her revolting figure the shadow of hatred in its eyes
her pangs for a life without the norms are rejected
and her confidence shattered
by the dimples in her thighs

Today marks two years since I wrote this poem and a year since it was showcased at the La Banshee “A Body Of My Own” event. I’m so proud that this piece had the effect it did on so many people on the day, and it still holds true today for me.

I wrote this poem back in university when I was in the midst of a really bad depression and self-loathing episode. To me, it highlights the odds of trying to love yourself against how society views you as a fat woman.

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