5 Halloween Home Decor Trends For Adults In 2019

When we were kids, Halloween home decor meant hanging fake cobwebs, throwing on a witch costume, turning off all the lights and adding tealights to our badly carved pumpkins ready for a night of nasty horror films. If you’re still into this, I’m 100% behind you, but here are my Halloween home decor ideas for those who want a more “grown-up” vibe for their Halloween decor this year.

glitter pumpkin red

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Glitter & Gore

I know a lot of people say that Halloween is for children, but the truth is that Halloween can be whatever you want it to be. I personally love Halloween. It’s at a great time of the year; there are seasonal coffees, and it’s the perfect excuse to make tonnes of popcorn, light a load of candles and marathon watch horror films or a TV series on Netflix.

This year, I’ve noticed the likes of ASDA and other supermarkets adding more and more Halloween decorations to their ranges that aren’t just stick on decals for your window. I’ve also noticed a lot of glitter decorations. From glitter pumpkins to themed Yankee candles, choose colour palettes similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas and add some sequins and glitter to the mix. I really think this will be a big theme this year. Don’t believe me, check out the new Disney Halloween range….

Cute & Squishy

Move over Hot Girl Summer, it’s time for Soft Girl Autumn. Very much for the people who love their kawaii decorations, choose a softer colour palette with pastel oranges and pinks to add your own spin on Halloween.

I personally love the idea of crochet pumpkins and pom-pom garlands to add that extra level of cuteness to this year’s Halloween home decorations. Halloween really doesn’t have to be scary, you can make it as cute as you want.

girl in socks with pumpkinsWitchy & Rustic

My personal favourite, this theme is for the lovers of the history of Halloween. Originally celebrated as Samhain, Halloween has roots in Celtic religions as well as in British and European Pagan/Wiccan religions, which is where a lot of our “traditional” Halloween decorations and pastimes come from.

If you really want to get into this Halloween interior trend, why not actually look into the history of the holiday and decorate accordingly? Decorate the house with seasonal vegetables, old school brooms and cauldrons filled with sweets for the trick or treaters…

Bright & Subtle

Not the biggest fan of dark Halloween decor? Why not inject a bit of colour into this holiday by painting pumpkins in your favourite colours? The pop of colour will look amazing in any home, and you can pair them with fairy lights and other bright decorations to really add your own spin on the upcoming spooky season.

Gothic To The Core

For the hardcore lovers of everything gothic and decadent, this theme is ideal. Think animal skulls, velvet materials and pillar candles everywhere. It’s a simple theme to choose, but it only really works on dark colour schemes to begin with. I feel like those who go for these themes are Halloween lovers all year round, so if you’re ready to make that commitment I say do it (if you have the guts)…

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