70 Of The Best Small Modern Bathroom Ideas For Minimalists

Looking for unique small modern bathroom ideas? I’ve compiled a list of some of 70 trends, designs and hacks for redecorating your bathroom space below. Whether you’re renovating on a budget or just looking to spruce things up, I might just be able to help.

I grew up with a small bathroom, and everywhere I’ve lived has featured a small bathroom, so I’m no stranger to the tolls of decorating these types of spaces. In an ideal world (and with an unlimited budget) I’d have a huge bathroom featuring one of those Insignia Steam Shower Enclosures, a claw tub bath, and a luxury (yet tasteful) chandelier. But I digress…

1 Under Cabinet Lighting To Enhance Space

Perfect for illuminating small spaces, LED under cabinet lighting can really boost the look of a small bathroom.

2 Minimal Country Design

Think country style with a modern twist. Shabby chic white and copper finishes are the perfect combo for this trend.

3 Pink & Unique

Baby pink will always be in style, so why not throw hints of pink into your bathroom decor?

4 Stripes & Eclectic

An eclectic style doesn’t have to mean clutter. Mix up your decor with contrasting styles for that pop.

5 For The ‘Gram

Have a pooch at hand? Throw in a statement bathmat and snap it for the grid; perfect if you’re on a budget.

6 Geometric

Show off your bathroom with statement patterns in either paint or wallpaper.

7 Half Blinds

These are perfect for illuminating darker bathrooms, and can really make a statement depending on the fabric you use.

8 Polka Dot Haven

Whether it’s a shower curtain or wall decals, polka dots are very big in interiors at the moment.

9 Aztec

Pair with wooden accents for the perfect theme.

10 Fab n’ Fruity

For the quirky interior buffs, make a statement with a bold shower curtain or large print.

11 Blue & Bold

Pairing a strong wall colour with a patterned tile will have guests talking about everything but the size of your bathroom…

12 Country Chic

Think stripped back wooden furniture and brass accents.

13 Unique Wall Storage

Take your storage to the next level with shaped shelving.

14 Jungle Retreat

Embrace your tropical side with banana leaf wallpaper and bold coloured accents.

15 All Natural

Pair natural stone with brown tones for the perfect natural theme.

16 Cosy

Focus on making your small bathroom a bit more cosy with lots of candles and house plants.

17 Shelf Highlights

Install statement shelving where possible for that extra solution in a small bathroom.

18 Brilliant Blue Tiling

A bold blue tile will make any small bathroom space stand out

19 Half Wall Panelling

Make your bathroom look larger with a deceptive half wall.

20 Two-Tone

Similarly, choose two paint colours and really make your room stand out. This is perfect if you’re on a budget.

21 Indented Shelving

Set your shelves into your walls to create ingenious storage hacks.

22 Ladder Storage

Perfect if you’re on a budget, ladder storage can spruce up a small bathroom immediately.

23 Grey Tiling

Always on trend, grey tiling looks perfect in any bathroom.

24 Half Walls For Privacy

Decorating a wet room? Install a half room to break up the space between your toilet and your shower in order to create the illusion of space.

25 Space Saving Hacks

Optimise your space in the most wonderful and DIY ways.

26 Tile Madness

Pair mix match tiles for an eclectic touch.

27 Mixing Natural Stone

For that stunning natural and tonal look.

28 Elevated Flooring For The Illusion Of Space

Create your bathroom on a split level to create the illusion of space.

29 Your Own Botanical Garden

House plants feel at home in the bathroom, fill your shelves where possible and watch them thrive.

30 Modern Country

Think stripped back pipes and wooden accents along with floral tones.

31 Yellow & Contrast

Go bold with strong colours and contrast it where possible.

32 Bring Back The Brass

Pair bright whites with brass pipes for an industrial chic vibe.

33  Wooden Tiling

Buy porcelain tiles in a wood effect for that homey vibe.

34 Concrete Chic

Strip back your bathroom to the bare minimum for the ultimate minimal style.

35 Grey All Over

I love the grey trend. Pair tiles and paint alike for an urban twist on minimalist style.

36 Shower Tiles

Mix tiles and paint for a unique take on alternative decor.

37 Organise, Organise, Organise

Put storage at the forefront and watch your space transform.

38 Easy Access

Create storage hacks made for ease of use.

39 Hidden Storage Options

Maximise your small bathroom space by adding hidden shelves.

40 Gold & Bold

Pair gold with a strong colour for a unique look.

41 Strip Back Silver

Silver accents and stripped back silver pipes for a minimal bathroom dream.

42 Bold Wallpaper

Show off your space with a stunningly bold wallpaper.

43 Pop Of Colour

Choose a white colour palette with pops of colour throughout.

44 Wooden Accents

Do the same with wooden accents for that country vibe.

45 Victorian & Floral

Take inspiration from the past with Victorian style decor.

46 Green Supreme

Take a walk on the green side with green paint or tiles.

47 Blue Shower Enclosure

Have your shower be your statement with coloured shower tiles.

48 Asymmetric Tiles

Change up the pace with stripped back tiles in a rage of sizes.

49 Low Hanging Lighting

Hang low hanging statement lights above your sink to draw the eyes away from dull spaces.

50 Bathroom Gallery Wall

Gallery walls look great anywhere in the house, so why not try one in the bathroom?

51 Alternative Modern Mix

Mix a range of alternative styles to create your own.

52 Optimise Your Door Space

Sliding doors such as barn doors can really optimise a small bathroom space for the better.

53 Brass & Green

Pair these two tones together for that ideal country living look.

54 Asymmetric Floor Tiles

Create the illusion of space with bathroom tiles that differ in size.

55 Intelligent Storage Cupboards

Utilise your space where possible in order to add more hidden storage solutions.

56 Wooden Storage Boxes For Your Wall

Stand out from the crowd with handmade boxes. Perfect as a plant shelf if you ask me…

57 Stacked Utilities

Does your bathroom double up as a utility space? Stack your washer and dryer in order to maximise the room.

58 Wooden Country Style

Strip back unique wooden furniture for a real country kick.

59 Towel Racks For Your Door

Add towel racks to your space to maximise storage.

60 Floating Cupboards

Again, highlight your bathroom by adding floating cupboards. You can still use the space underneath if necessary.

61 Easy Access Cupboards

Need to grab something from the bath? Easy peasy when you have built in cupboards.

62 Glass Partitions

Separate your shower cubicle with a glass partition to add dimension.

63 Grey Tiles & Wooden Features

Mix old and new with this emerging trend.

64 Industrial Lighting

Recycle old fixtures for that perfect stripped back option.

65 Maximise Your Corners

Install corner shelves in your shower for your toiletries.

66 Floating Toilet

Again with the illusion of space…

67 Easy To Reach Wooden Shelving

One cheap way to create your own shelving is buy wood locally and install shelves yourself. Add this to your bathroom as a towel storage for that easy to grab finish.

68 Singular Units

Not enough space for a couple of units? Simply use one and maximise your room space by doubling it up as a bathroom sink.

69 Hidden Shelving Units

Hide shelving in your shower unit (perfect if you have a lot of toiletries like me).

70 Royal Yet Subtle

Choose regal accents and use them sparingly.

Let me know what your favourite trends are at the moment! I love the majority of these hack and trends, especially ones that include storage hacks for small bathrooms. For more of these posts, head to my Tips & Tricks Section.

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