Blending 70s Style Into Your Home

One trend I predict will make a comeback in 2020 is retro. I’m not too sure on the era, but I believe that we’ll slowly start seeing retro statement pieces in homes very soon. I personally love the idea of adding a 70’s twist to your decor, which is why I wanted to write a spotlight post on my friend Emily’s home, which features pops of retro and 70s style throughout, and talk about how you can bring the trend into your own home too.

cowboy boots

Boots: ASOS Dress: Navabi

Bold Carpet & Wallpaper

One immediate way to bring this trend to life in your own home is to add in psychedelic patterns and colours. I like the idea of doing this with carpet more than wallpaper, but I think choosing funky wallpaper would work too. When Emily bought her home, it featured an old school carpet anyway. She simply kept the pattern on the stairs and added wooden flooring on the landing/hallway to add a modern twist.

Retro Touches

Another way to introduce 70s style into your home is to add touches of the era in each room. Emily went for this retro phone. I love the primary colours here and pairing it with a vintage coffee table and a house plant really makes it stand out in her living room.

Minimalist Base

I think that the key to making this trend work in your home for 2020 would be to start with a pretty basic colour palette. White, beige and light grey walls would be a perfect minimalist base for if you’re going to be adding in pops of colour, patterns or statement pieces.

Mismatch Eras

If you’re looking add a kick to this trend, you could also pair 70s style items with furniture and accessories from different eras. For example you could match a bold pattern carpet with a vintage armchair and footstool from the 50’s in order to offset their styles and bring together the room.

This is a collaborative post.

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