Relaxation Station – How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place that allows you to kick back and relax. Some people like to sling on headphones and unwind, others only want to sleep in the bedroom. Whatever your bedroom is for, it’s certain that the main goal is to have it as a haven, or a place to relax and settle into a deep sleep. Here’s how you can create a relaxing bedroom in your home.

Choose The Right Bed

Bad back? Trouble sleeping? It could be the sign of a bad mattress. You can get some great mattresses online, so read a few reviews and treat yourself to a better mattress (I personally like IKEA ones the most).

When it comes to your duvet, you should change the tog between summer and winter for maximum comfort as well, especially if you want to stay cool in the summer and hate being too warm (like me). Of course, if you don’t want to have two duvets, you can add extra onto the bed instead. An extra fluffy blanket could do the trick, or perhaps some beautiful hotel quality bed runners from Richard Haworth?

Choose The Right Playlist

Use your bedroom as a space to chill out and listen to music? Create a relaxing bedroom that reflects this! An old record player and a stack of your favourite vinyls is a great way to spend an afternoon. Double points if you have tapes and manage to find a tape player in good order. Investing in a smart home speaker like Alexa or Google Home will mean you can simply ask for the music you want to hear as well.

Journalling Space

If you like to keep a journal about what you have been up to, or if you like to draw and wind down in your bedroom at the end of the day, why not create a space dedicated to it?

You can get a desk from a thrift store and upcycle it into something that suits the rest of your room and have a dedicated space for writing, journaling, drawing or any other craft activity that you like to do regularly.

Set The Mood With Candles

If you don’t like the idea of open flames, then you can switch out candles for the scented oil diffusers. You also don’t need to light some candles for them to give off their scent, which is excellent. You can choose some with the fragrances that you enjoy the most. But if you are going for relaxation, many people will select lavender, cotton or sea breeze scents. They are light scents that waft around the room with ease. Of course, if you love the idea of creating different fragrances in your place, then you might choose to have an oil burner. Why not create your own personalized essential oil mixes and find your signature scent?

Welcome To The Jungle

There is something naturally calming about adding plants into a room. You don’t have to go for the complicated ones to look after either. Succulents and cactus are easy to look after and add that pop of green.

Think about what makes you happy and calm and make sure that you add that into your bedroom to maximize your relaxation station.

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