Winter Is Coming: Create a Hygge Home for Less

The autumn and winter nights are on their way as we hit the final stretch of summer. It’s time to make some cosy dens for the winter, and that means bringing some Hygge style (pronounced hue-gah) into your life. Here’s how to create a Hygge home for less, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to remain on-trend this winter.

Buy Candles

Candles play a central role in any Hygge decor because of their natural qualities. Candles are cheap to buy and create a wonderful warm atmosphere in any room. Tea candles, outdoor lanterns and scented candles really help to set the mood. Enjoy the warm, mellow lighting and the relaxing vibe of a chilled out Hygge winter’s night.

Going Hygge On A Budget

If you want to bring Hygge into your home this winter but need a little helping hand with getting together the funds, taking out a short-term loan might be worth considering. Always ensure the company is FCA regulated and get a good interest rate before making any commitment. Alternatively, save as you earn over time and create your hygge home over a few months.

Add Some Textures

Faux fur throws, fluffy woollen rugs and chunky cushions are a perfect match with Hygge, making the room feel warm and inviting to relax in. Textured accessories are great for the winter, from cashmere to merino wool materials that establish a tactile and stylish environment.

Keep It Simple

Remember, changing the interior design is not the only way to embrace Hygge. It can be simple things such as enjoying your favourite coffee, taking a long soak in a bubble bath, or just adding favourite photos to the wall: they all act as immediate mood lifters that are at the heart of what Hygge is all about.

Make A Hygge Nook

Create a corner that is dedicated solely to relaxing and feeling cosy. It can be as simple as sprucing up an old armchair with throws, blankets and cushions, to make a Hygge nook that you can sink into and read, watch TV or just use it to catch 40 winks on a lazy day at home.

Add More Light

Candles are an important addition, but ensuring you have as much natural light as possible is essential to the Danes and Hygge culture. Change wall colours to whites and creams with a lick of paint – and keep windows as clean as possible to encourage more light to come into the house.

Keep It Natural

The natural tone of timber and wood really reflects what Hygge is all about. It can be anything from a new coffee table or nest of tables, to relaying the floor with artificial wood panels. Timber-based furniture and accessories make us feel more connected to nature and inside a warm, Hygge-style home, cosier we feel more protected along with it.

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