We Bought Our First Home!

The past year has been a bit of a wild ride for us in terms of house hunting. We found the ideal flat in 2018, but after the searches came back, we soon found that we couldn’t get a mortgage on it. I was heartbroken. I loved it so much. I’d planned out the decor, the furniture, even the Christmas decorations. But, as they say, these things happen. Some things aren’t meant to be, and we soon started looking for a new home together. After 3 months, we went to view a flat that was ideal in every way, and I’m so excited to say that, finally, we bought our first home!

I think we’re both drawn to the idea of apartment life, which is why we went with a flat over a house for our first home. It just seems right for us at the moment, and I’m so excited to move in and get started!

I’ll start creating posts when I can, but for now, we’re just handling the admin of life and planning out the move.

I’d like to thanks Alex at AL Mortgage Solutions Ltd for his help with our mortgage, and Brooks Estate Agents for helping smooth things along the way.

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