Apps & Accessories For Home Security

With an alarming number of break-ins on the rise where I live, I’ve started thinking more and more about security. It seems a lot of people are targeting bigger homes, and maybe it’s because of Christmas looming on the horizon. Either way, the thought of someone violating my home like that isn’t something isn’t welcome. With that in mind, I thought I’d find some apps and accessories for home security to help you burglar-proof your home.

Window Locks & Secure Doors

Sometimes, before contemplating a new alarm system, you should take a look at the outside of your home. A lot of the time, people looking to break into your home are simply looking for an opportunity to do so easily. Old windows and doors especially paired without the appearance of an alarm box, make the perfect opportunity for someone to break in. Why not consider new house security shutter doors?

Home Security Apps & Security Cameras

You could also take a look at some home security apps. A lot of these apps require you buy the linking equipment. However, once installed, you can see who is at your front door, monitor movement within your home and even speak to pets/visitors directly from the app itself. In the UK, Ring seems to be a popular option.

Burglar Alarms

Alarms are a great deterrent when it comes to keeping your home safe. There are a number of alarms you could install, however, I suggest you talk to a professional about which alarm they recommended. This way, they can install it for you and talk you through how to set it up etc.

Invest In A Safe

If you keep a lot of valuables in your house, you may want to invest in a safe. These can be installed anywhere, and. in some cases, they can be installed somewhere secret which only you will be able to access (perfect if you’re looking to renovate).

Purchase Floodlights

These are installed outside and are set to light up when there is a movement. Great for large gardens, they deter potential thieves when they’re paired with cameras/CCTV which may be able to catch their identity.

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