How To Save Money When Moving Away For Uni 

Moving to University is an amazing experience, and one I’ll truly cherish. It opened up so many opportunities. I got to meet a lot of amazing people and it allowed me to land my current job and let me see that writing is what I always wanted to do. Would I do anything differently? For sure. One of the biggest things I struggled with when I moved away from home for the first time was managing my money. I would spend so much money on useless things when I should have just listened to my parents’ advice. Who does though at that age! Below are some of my tips on how to save money when moving away for uni.

Pack Light & Wash Your Clothes Regularly

When you’re drinking most nights, you really neglect personal hygiene. Clothes really do pile up, and when your student loan comes through, it’s extremely tempting to raid Primark for a whole new wardrobe (literally what I did in the first year…). Instead, why don’t you save money and find a local dry cleaner? They’re usually super cheap to use and means you can get big loads done in one go.

Check Public Transport Routes

If you’re not a driver, try not to get sucked into the great deals that companies like Uber and Lyft offer you throughout freshers week. It can be tempting to get free taxi rides, but once the deal is off, you’re left slightly dependant on them. Try and learn the public transport links in your city before you move, as it could save you a pretty penny down the line.

Shop Cheap For Everything

And I mean literally everything. Clothes, food, home decor included. Primark, Home Bargains & B&M offer some really nice options if you’re looking to spruce up your accommodation on a tight budget. I practically lived in the Aldi special buy section at uni as well. You’ll find some crazy things (skis, biker gear etc) but you can also pick up some amazing interior items too at a great price, perfect if you’re looking for tips on how to save money when moving away for uni.

Find Deals On Cars & Housing

If you’re a driver, you could consider car leasing services such as those offered by Willow Leasing. It means you can still drive the car of your dreams, just without having to actually buy the car of your dreams…

Similarly, make sure you find the best deals on housing post-first year. Good landlords are hard to find when you’re a student, so make sure you shop around and try not to fall into any scams.

Research Student Deals

Students get SO many deals when they’re in University, so make sure you snap up the offers available while you can before you’re an almost-30-year-old paying full price for Spotify (like me). It could also be a great idea to look into hassle-free student loans, such as those found over here. Students are on tight budgets, so finding ways to reduce your monthly outgoings and better ways to manage your money will definitely help you in the long run!

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