How To Improve Your Bathroom On A Budget 

Have guests visiting for Christmas? A great way to spruce up your home before the arrival of loved ones is to sort out the main areas of the home. The kitchen, bathrooms and guest bedrooms are great to focus on always make a lasting impression. However, it can cost a pretty penny to renovate entirely. Did you know that UK Bathrooms are the most renovated rooms in our homes? Our style changes a lot over time, but it shouldn’t have to take a chunk out of your wallet, especially near Christmas. Below are some easy and cheap ways you can improve your bathroom on a budget.


In our bathroom, grout can become dirty, or erode over time. This can contribute to your bathroom looking a little worse for wear. Instead of installing an entirely new bathroom, why not try regrouting your previous bathroom suite? You’d be amazed by how much it can spruce up the space.

New Bathmats

Sometimes, an upgrade can be as simple as changing your bathroom mats. Why not choose something funky and colourful and purchase prints to tie it all together?


Not only do they look great, but they enhance and purify the air in your bathroom too! Choose low light plants that require warm rooms and you’ll hardly need to worry about them!


Changing up a bathroom can be simple or bold. If you’re considering a change, take a look at some ideas on Pinterest and completely revamp your decor. Stores such as B&M and Home Bargains are perfect for bargain home decor on a budget too, meaning you don’t have to splash the cash before Christmas.


Another option to consider instead of an entire renovation would be to install new accessories such as towel racks or soap dishes. This will cut down on your overall cost exponentially and make your bathroom stand out.


And I’m not talking about the bad kind. Why don’t you try a reed diffuser or candles? Perfect for covering up bad smells, they can also be used for when you’re soaking in the tub and creating a relaxing atmosphere and are a perfect way to improve your bathroom on a budget.

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