What Your Home Reveals About Your Personality

It’s often said that there’s “no place like home.” But the origins of that saying might have more to do with our personalities than we think. I’ve always believed that the way we decorate is solely based on our upbringing, personality traits and our current mental state. Homes can say so much about who we are, so I thought I’d add some interesting findings in this post!

A Beautiful Garden Is An Indication Of Happiness

Data seems to suggest that people who keep their gardens well-tended throughout the year tend to be happier than those who don’t. Researchers in this study also believe this is because gardening itself is a mechanism for improving mood. People who get their secateurs and shovels out every day tend to be happier than those who don’t. If your garden is a tad overgrown, why not get out there when you can and do what you can to tidy it up? You never know, it might just improve your mood too.

A Tidy Bed Suggests You Like Your Job

A study in Psychology Today reported that those who regularly made their bed in the morning liked their work the most. What’s more, those same people were much more likely to go to the gym.

The question researchers have is whether some underlying factor is driving all three. So, for instance, does a person’s conscientiousness make them more likely to like their work, hit the gym, and make their bed in the morning? The answer seems to be that people who are happier tend to have more organized lives and, therefore, make their beds in the morning.

A Large Library Means That You Have An Open Mind

Do you have a lot of books sitting on your shelves? If so, it could be a sign that you have an open mind and a voracious intellect.

Openness is one of the five core personality traits psychologists have identified. It’s characterized by a willingness to new experiences and ideas. Samuel Gosling, a researcher and psychologist, says that openness, more than any other trait, shows up in physical evidence in people’s homes. The more art, symbols, books, and references to past vacations, the higher the level of openness.

Cameras In Your Living Room Means You Are More Conscientious Than Most

If you have a CCTV installation anywhere on your property, particularly in your living room, it means that you are more conscientious than most. While the majority of people might believe that CCTV systems are for shop owners, you know that you face threats as a private citizen too.

A Cluttered Wardrobe Suggests That You’re Struggling To Let Go Of The Past

If you have an overflowing wardrobe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re neurotic or lazy. Sometimes it can be a simple indication that you’re struggling to let go of the past – nothing more.

Researchers believe that a closet rammed full of clothes you no longer wear is a projection of your desire not to let go of the former things in your life. They suggest having a five-minute blitz where you throw out the things you know you’re never going to wear again.

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