How To Handle A Home Emergency During Lockdown

Although lockdown seems to have put our lives on hold for a long period of time, it unfortunately doesn’t mean that life will reach a standstill. Our home can still experience faults, break downs and more. It could be argued that even staying inside more could be a contributor to even more leaks etc. Below are some ways in which you should handle emergency situations, and some things you can do yourself in order to prevent more damage.

How To Fix A Leak

Depending on where your leak is in the home, you may be able to fix it yourself, or temporarily fix it before having to call an emergency plumper. For small leaks in pipes and joints under sinks, you can simply use compound stickers to hold the pipe in place. This should work for a short amount of time before having to replace it. Duct tape should work in a pinch for this too. If your leak is coming from cracked porcelain, plumbers putty could help you out. Simply squeeze as much as you can into the crack and voila!

Unfortunately, larger leaks will need to be seen to by a plumber. For this it’s best to check for any reputable plumbers in your area and price matching them. If you’re based in London, consider Pulse Plumbers for any emergency plumping work you might need looking at during lockdown.

Issues With Hot Water

Living without hot water is something we never really think about, but how often do we use it? We need it for bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes and so much more. When it comes to boilers, I won’t claim to be any sort of expert. But I have had this issue during lockdown and let me tell you it’s not great!

The first thing to do with this sort of issue is figure out if it’s a timing issue versus an issue with the tank. Try resetting your meter, checking to see if you can “boost” your water and check if the fuse has simply switched. After this, your best bet is contacting an electrician or plumber in your area who can help you further. If you need something to come out and see the boiler, insist they stay a safe distance away and kindly ask them to clean their hands before working on your boiler/heating system.

Home Remedies For Mould

If you’re experiencing mould in your home, there are some natural and less pricey ways to tackle it before calling in the professionals. This is a great guide for anyone looking to clear mould with everyday items that you might have around in your house!

Appliance Breakdowns

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience an appliance breakdown, see if you can troubleshoot it in any way. For example, if you notice that your fridge or freezer isn’t working, check online for the brand name and model number, you may find that something else has had this issue before and has already provided an answer online. Just last week we discovered that our freezer was over-freezing everything! We were about to call maintenance when we discovered that it was simply an issue of defrosting and removing excess ice away from the door!
If you’re dealing with a broken washing machine, check for alternatives online such as this manual washer. If your dishwasher has broken down

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