How To Show Your Home Some Love During A Quarantine

A quarantine wasn’t something that anybody imagined a couple of weeks ago. Now, it’s the stark reality of life during the Covid-19 health crisis. At times like this, it’s easy to let the dark thoughts creep in and take over, so staying positive is the key to coming out of lockdown with your mental health intact. That means staying active, even if you’re not allowed out of the house.

Some people run marathons, others film creative videos, but if you are an interior design enthusiast it makes sense that working on your home can help you get some exercise. 

Here’s how to enhance it without flouting the rules.

Rummage Through Your Rubbish

You’re not allowed out if you don’t have a good reason, and nipping to B&Q for a set of window frames probably won’t cut the mustard with the police. However, there’s likely to be a lot of “junk” lying around that you dismissed as not useful. Whether it’s in the attic, basement or garage, now is the time to reevaluate them. You may find old paintings are full of colour and make an excellent addition to your home. A piano, for instance, is a bar in waiting that’s perfect for your next virtual get together. 

Focus On Office Space

Working from home means getting used to new surroundings for millions of workers. Finding space to be productive is the key, as is lighting. And, it’s not only natural light that you should highlight. UV light is believed to be very effective at killing Coronaviruses as it was used extensively during the SARS epidemic. The Chinese are using it now to sterilise public transport. Introducing a ‘blue light’ then will enhance your surroundings while making your home less of a hotspot for germs. Make sure it’s adjustable as you’ll need to avoid glare.

Hire A Pro

You hear this a lot, but this is particularly confusing considering the rules around non-essential travel. The definition is the key to whether a kitchen door replacement service team will be allowed into your home to work. If it’s for cosmetic purposes only, there’s a good chance they will refuse. Yet, if your current kitchen doors are health hazards that need fixing ASAP, that is allowable. You’ve got to be responsible because you must follow the guidelines. Still, trade people are working and offering their solutions under the right circumstances.

Don’t Get Lazy

The lockdown is going to last for a while longer yet. As a result, you may think maintaining your home’s interiors is pointless. But, this is how clutter forms and your home starts to look as if it’s a squat rather than a refuge. You should continue to clean it as thoroughly as usual and do DIY repairs where necessary. Do them if they’re not, too. A fresh coat of paint from a used tin will add spice to your life!

How are you going to show your home some love?

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  1. Gude at Watermark Homes

    April 23, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    Some great tips, thank you for sharing!
    We are decluttering and spring cleaning here, which is great for mental health too.

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