5 Unusual Interior Design Additions to Your Feature Wall

The feature wall adds life to a space. Though they don’t need to be extravagant or highly impacting, they must draw the attention of anyone who enters the room.

A wall with a blast of colours, picture frames and texture experiments are the regular choices. If you want to go for something eccentric, why try some of the following…

Creating a Gallery Wall with Bobbleheads

Usually, gallery walls are made up of a collection of photo frames or could be any images in a frame. To make it more compelling, you may also add up some bobbleheads to your gallery wall by installing a shelf or a small stand.

These bobbleheads will add life to your gallery wall, thanks to the bobblehead’s bobbling features. Install shelves or small stands on the areas perfectly fit for your photo frames. For instance, you may put the bobblehead on a photo of a place making it look like the bobblehead is a 3D animation inside the photo.

If you’re into personalizing stuff at your house, you may be interested in creating a bobblehead that looks like you. It is certainly easy to find a maker that can do this for you, and it is also surprisingly affordable. Go to CheapBobbleheads for more info.

Hang Plates

Some people may think that it is unusual to be hanging plates on a wall. Still, it is an interesting idea, especially for dish collectors who are considering showing off their plate collections.

Choose the plates you want to add by making a design template for your wall. In hanging the dishes, you may use adhesive tapes or hooks to make sure that your expensive stuff won’t fall. There are adhesive tapes you can paste on the back of these plates with a hook on it to hang on your wall.

Wall of Plants

The vertical garden has become trending nowadays as there is lesser space for a garden. This is a perfect idea when considering adding indoor plants in the room but have lesser space for plants.

Install shelves in your wall sturdy enough to hold your indoor plants. Consider succulent plants as they come in small sizes, are lightweight, and are low maintenance. They do not require much water to survive as compared to other plants.

Calendar Wall

Having a calendar as huge as the wall will work, especially in an office. Not only this is an unusually great design for your wall, but it also will remind you of important events.

Print all the days, months, and year from the calendar and have it posted temporarily on your wall. You may use adhesive tapes, or you can put a magnetic sheet for your wall given that you have attached magnets at the back of the things you will be posting. The wall would look formal and clean if magnets are used rather than directly posting them with tapes that leave marks on the wall.

Wall Carpets or Rugs

Carpets and rugs are intended for floors only, but they can also be a great décor for a room individually as wall décor. This is mostly important for carpet owners who cherish their carpets that they don’t want it to get ruined since they look astonishing and beautiful just to be stepped on. These cherished possessions also should not be kept. Rather they are displayed as a complement to the room more like a piece of artwork. You could install a rod made out of wood for your rug to be hung. Avoid using nails to pin them as they may tear down, especially if these are heavy.

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