How Culture Affects Your Interior Design

As a studying interior designer, it’s my job to understand how to design houses in a manner in keeping with taste and personal preference. Sometimes these are closer than we think, especially if we have a great eye for detail. Yet there are also many variables that dictate our experience as interior designers, and understanding this can help us make better decisions as we care for properties in the best possible manner.

One of these variables is culture. After all, it’s quite obvious that the default home in Japan will be decorated a little differently than the default home in England. But to what effect do these cultural influences have on good taste, and is there a great difference in countries that share close similarities? Additionally, as this moving to Canberra guide is aware, the surrounding environment and neighbourhood in which your home is situated can hold its own beauty.

With that in mind, please consider the following advice:


Various cultures position their furniture in certain areas, or are more inclined to make use of the space in various ways. For instance, in Japan, minimalism is a celebrated decorative style, and so maximizing the open space with wall-led furniture and decorations can be a great inspiration. This can help everyone with small apartments or rooms understand that decorating their room is often a case of less is more, and from there you can flourish.

Cultural Art

A little cultural art can also be worthwhile to take inspiration from. From door beads that hang low like those common in Spain and Portugal, to the thicker colors of African houses, to the depth of perception and abstract art often found in Scandanavian decorative ornaments, cultural art can help you outfit and theme a room well.

There’s no rule saying you cannot combine these styles, but if you do, it’s important to understand what impact they have, how it fills the room, and what you wish for the focal points to be. This way you can pay your respect to the culture you inhabit or appreciate while also benefiting your space.

Standard Procedures

Standard procedures in a given culture can also give you inspiration when designing your room. For instance, feng shui is the art of carefully assigning certain categories of decoration or utility to places within the room, guided by angles, distances, and the east-west line. Following inspirational elements like this may grant you the chance of opening your space, or perhaps even feeling more comfortable when occupying it. At the very least, interior decorators can likely find thorough potential in developing their interior design in this way, as it provides fuel for our creative intent and will inform all our future decisions.

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