How To Style A Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are an excellent way to make the most use out of the space you already have. It can also increase your property value, especially if designed with interiors in mind. You can use your loft conversion for a variety of things like a shower room, traditional bathroom, study, office or kid’s playroom. Depending on the purpose of your loft conversion, your design ideas will vary. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider loft conversion ideas.

Colors, Colors, Colors

Colors are one of the most important factors when thinking about interior designing a room, especially one with sloping ceilings and weird corner spaces. Choosing the right color can open up the space, making it feel spacious, uncluttered and airy or it can make the space feel more warm and cozy.

If you are looking for ways to open up your space, use soft palette colors like warm greys, soft pinks or shades of white. The soft colors not only create a spacious feel, but they can also help with making the room feel cooler in the summer months with the temperatures rise. Darker colors are also a good option but should be used strategically. Create a focal point using a darker color or wallpaper on one wall as this will create a dramatic look.

Choose The Right Furniture

Just as important as colors are the furniture. The wrong furniture can make the loft feel cluttered and small. Make sure you measure your loft conversion space including the ceiling height to make sure all the space accounted for. You want to make sure you have enough room to carry the furniture into space as well. If you want something that fits perfectly into your space, consider having bespoke furniture to be designed specifically for your loft area. This option ensures that your furniture will complement your space and not ruin it.

Consider The Right Lighting

Natural light is the best way to make your loft conversion feel spacious and airy. Make sure you design your loft conversion with lots of windows are really big windows to ensure a lot of natural light will peak through at all times during the day. If all the added windows still do not create enough light, consider putting roof lights or floor lamps in dark corners around the area.

Variety Of Texture

Having a wide array of texture helps cozy your loft conversion area so it does not feel so stark and uninviting. Add wooden floors, a wool rug, lots of cushions on the bed or a warm throw. The possibilities are endless here.

Get Creative With Storage

Your storage can make or break your space, turning it from something organized to something cluttered really quickly. You can always opt for having a customized storage solution, especially since the walls and ceilings of a loft conversion can be inconsistent. You could have cupboards built into the sloping roof or you can utilize hidden storage with drawers in under your bed.

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