Making Our Flat Cat Friendly With Catipilla – Gifted (AD)

A few months have passed since we officially moved into our new place, but with current events being what they are we haven’t had a huge chance to make it our own, let alone create a more cat-friendly space for Rose. With that being said, I have to give a huge thanks to Catipilla for helping us out with an amazing cat scratcher and bowl.

Rose has been loving the chance to stretch out her paws and scratch something (that isn’t our new sofa), and the Catipilla scratcher fit perfectly in with our decor. Not only that, but it’s super easy to install (especially for a few novices like us) and can be replaced easily when the time comes. It comes in a range of sizes, however, we found that the 60cm option was ideal and fit perfectly in the desired space. For my fellow waste-haters, this product comes with little packaging, most of which can be recycled as well!

Anyone who knows me will also know that I love spoiling Rose with lovely food and water bowls. This is partly because she’s extremely picky, but also because there are so many gorgeous bowls out there (and hello – I love matching my decor). This handmade porcelain cat bowl is no exception.

Available in a range of colours, every single one of these bowls kiln-fired and glazed with a stunning finish. Made in collaboration with Fosspots of Cornwall, I can see why they’re so popular among fellow cat lovers!

I think as time goes by, we’ll end up adding more and more cat-friendly items to the flat – including some cat bridges, wall-mounted beds and more. I have to say that she’s adapted to flat life really well, and despite a health scare at the beginning of the month, she’s been absolutely loving life!

What are some of your favourite cat friendly home items? I’m always looking for great independent stores to buy from, whether they’re from smaller businesses or etsy stores.







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