How I’m Upping My Lockdown Coffee Game – Gifted (AD)

Like many of my lockdown pals, I’ve been drinking coffee like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the first thing I drink when I wake up, and I’ll have another one or two cups throughout the rest of the day.
I tend to choose coffee that’s easy to make, straight from the tin type of deal. My favourite is Azera just because it’s simple, I like the texture and it smells great.
Now, I always call myself a coffee lover, but I never actually branch out. I’ll always choose a tinned coffee that looks great (or any new products that are on offer…don’t judge). When I heard about Blue Coffee Box, I thought it was a great idea and something I’d love to try!
It’s a fast-growing monthly coffee subscription service that offers a unique and easy tasting experience for coffees located all over the world. With Blue Coffee Box, you can choose coffee prepared for your cafetiere, dripper, aeropress or espresso machine. I chose the cafetiere option as it’s the fanciest one available to me right now…
So far I’m absolutely loving this service and I can’t wait for next month’s coffee! The taste is incredible and you can really tell the difference.
With a Blue Coffee Box subscription, you’ll receive two different coffees to try that month from artisan roasters, along with information on where your coffee is from and the notes you can taste.
Would you like to try out Blue Coffee Box? Get £3 off any product with my code GKAY3!

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