Why You Should Be Making The ‘Blue Room’

Blue is the new black. We have seen an almighty shift in the home decor and interior design worlds this year. Blue is seemingly on top again! After black, white and grey running the show, telling all other colours to hide away and fear their presence, we’re finally getting a hero we need. Blue is regal, yet it’s also subtle and humble. Blue is debonair, sleek yet mysterious. It can be used for pretty much anything and it will look good. That’s one of the reasons why you should go for the full monty. Don’t just have blue bits and pieces, make an entire room out of blue. But your living room will need to be the canvas upon which you decorate!

Removing and replacing

The big pieces have to go first. The sofa, chairs, tables, side tables and lamps must be given the old heave-ho. Just click here to check out this service which removes furniture from your home. They arrive at your house, do all the heavy lifting and they make sure that your waste is properly taken care of. You need not leave the house to start your blue revolution. Any type of lounge pieces such as couches or large pieces can also be removed as well.

But what to replace that furniture with? Well, a blue velvet or suede sofa would be an amazing and daring start. The velvet is shimmering yet it’s not so delicate as satin or silk. You can have suede which is easier to clean and less expensive, but it won’t be as soft. A blue-winged reading chair in the classic Chesterfield design from Saxon would be a great accomplice for your new sofa.

Vases and lamps

Light and decoration are two areas which many homeowners lack confidence. But, if you focus on getting the material right, you can rely on your chosen pieces dancing with the light and adding the style of a different kind. A ceramic contemporary vase would be great for your window sills. It could easily sit on top of a shelf or in a bookcase. You need not put a flower inside it, just allow it to use the light to express the style.

A blue table lamp would be brilliant for your coffee table or side table. It should be in a sleek design so as to allow maximum light exposure. You don’t want an old fat and round style so it doesn’t allow the light to spread as far. Using a darker shade of blue would also make it more mysterious and alluring.

Something blue

You need something living and blue, as is the style and trend these days of going eco-friendly. So bluebell flowers would be awesome for your living room. Delicate and soothing, these would take some of the snarls out of the furniture that is so masculine and domineering.

The blue revolution is here. Why not become part of it, you know you want to!? Start off with a classic winged chair that is amazing for reading.

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