Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

If your home is currently lacking energy efficiency, it’s probably costing you money. And it’s not just about money either. Now more than ever, we’re all trying to make our homes and our lives more energy efficient in order to do our bit for the planet and contribute less to the climate change issues we’re all concerned about.

So what does it take to make your home more energy efficient? Well, the good news is that there are so many different techniques and tactics that you can use to make your home more energy-efficient. There are big changes and small ones, meaning there’s an approach that works for just about everyone out there.

Read on now to find out about some of the things you can start to do to make your home a more energy-efficient place.

Reflect Natural Light and Use Artificial Lights Less

First of all, you should think about ways in which you can use artificial lights in your home a little less. When you rely on artificial lights, it means using more energy. And this usually happens because the natural light entering the property through the windows simply isn’t enough. You can accentuate that natural light by reflecting it around your space with lighter floors and walls, as well as by using mirrors throughout the property. It’s something you can experiment with until you find the right balance.

Insulate Your Attic

One of the things that people often miss when it comes to protecting their home and making it more energy efficient is the role of their attic. One of the places in your home through which energy is very often lost is through the attic. In order to avoid that eventuality, it makes sense to insulate the attic because this will prevent heat escaping so easily. Remember that heat rises and can, therefore, escape through the roof very easily if it’s not properly and comprehensively insulated.

Adjust Your Thermostat and Make it Smart

Adjusting the thermostat in your home and making an effort to turn it down a little more than you usually would will help you to conserve energy over time. All those little changes add up and turn into quite a big saving over the course of a year, so try to keep them in mind. The easiest way to achieve this is by putting a smart thermostat in place. These give you much greater control over how your home is heated, so install one of these sooner rather than later.

Seal the Windows

If your windows haven’t been resealed for a long time, this is something that might need to happen. Sealing your windows puts you in a much better position with regards to keeping heat in the home and preventing it from escaping. Gaps in the sealant simply cause your heat to escape, and you’ll then spend more and more money trying to keep your home warm. You’ll essentially be fighting a losing battle and that’s obviously not something that’s sustainable for you. It’s pretty easy to reseal the window frames yourself too.

Upgrade Any Old Windows

If sealing the windows in your home doesn’t do the job, you might want to consider window replacement instead. This is a realistic option to consider if you have windows in your home that are very old and that are no longer up to scratch in terms of keeping in the heat and keeping the cold out. Upgrading old windows will make heat retention so much easier and you’ll use a lot less energy trying to keep your home warm during the winter months of the year.

Plant Trees for Shade During Summer

Anyone looking for ways to keep their home cooler during the summer months should think about how the surroundings of their home might be altered to make that possible. When you plant large trees around your home, they provide shade when it’s hot and sunny. That extra shade will protect your home and prevent it from overheating quite so much because the sun won’t be shining directly on it during the hottest times of the day. It’s definitely a solution to look into and consider.

Avoid Using Space Heaters

Space heaters can be great for offering an added boost of heat when we’re in the coldest days of winter. But you might want to explore other ways of keeping warm when it’s cold because space heaters use a lot of energy for the size they are. They’re very inefficient and there’s not much that can be done to change that. So if you want to run your home in a more energy-efficient kind of way, the best thing you can do is avoid using space heaters altogether.

Upgrade to LED Bulbs

If you haven’t yet made the upgrade to LED bulbs, now is definitely the time to consider that change. LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient than the other options out there, especially incandescent bulbs which are known to be incredibly inefficient from an energy point of view. LED bulbs also last a lot longer than other types of bulbs, meaning that you spend less money on replacing them all the time, which has got to be a good thing. So, as you can see, there are many reasons to make this upgrade.

Invest in Solar Panels or Wind Turbines

A great way to spend less money on energy is to start generating your own energy for your home. There are two main ways in which this can be done: via wind turbines or solar panels installed on the roof of the property. Although you might not be able to generate 100% of your own energy, you’ll still be able to make savings by using less of the energy that energy companies charge you for. Therefore, it’s definitely a positive step in the right direction.

Keep Your HVAC System Serviced

If it’s been a long time since your HVAC system was properly checked and serviced by a professional, it might be time for you to change that. These systems need to be checked regularly because if there’s a build up of dust and dirt or there’s any other problem present, it’s going to make the system run less efficiently. That lower rate of performance and efficiency will mean that you have to spend more money and more energy on making it work as you need it to, so get it serviced if it’s been a while.

Consider Low Flow Water Fixtures

Lowering the amount of water you use in the home might be another thing you want to work on. Conserving water is a legitimate goal in its own right. But it’s also important from an energy standpoint because warm water needs to be heated too. So consider installing low flow water fixtures, such as toilets, taps and shower heads. These will make it so that you don’t end up using as much water for basic things such as washing and showering as you otherwise might.

Buy Energy Efficient Products and Appliances

Whenever the time comes to invest in new appliances or products for your home, you should try to buy options that are energy efficient. Those energy efficient products and appliances will use a lot less energy from day to day in your home, and that’s what you want. Always invest in products and appliances that are going to be efficient because they’ll save you money going forward. These days, most products will come with an energy efficiency rating, so check that before making a purchase.

Only Wash Laundry on a Full Load

Doing laundry is another task that can use up a lot of energy in your home, and that’s why you should make certain changes to your laundry habits and routines that’ll allow you to conserve energy better. One way to do that is to wash your laundry in a slightly lower temperature. You should also make sure that you do fewer loads and only wash when the load is full. Over time, this will allow you to wash less and, therefore, conserve energy on laundry.

Carry Out Regular Energy Audits

Finally, you should think about having regular energy audits carried out on your home. This matters because it gives you a clearer idea of how your home is performing from an energy standpoint and where the inefficiencies lie. Carry out an energy audit every year or so. There are professionals out there who can do this for you and report back to you with recommendations depending on what they find.

Energy efficiency is something that more and more people are now looking to get right, so be sure to make the most of what we’ve discussed here. Making your home operate in a way that’s a little greener will not only help you to save money but also do your bit for the planet, which has to be a positive thing.

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