Designer Radiator Styles For The Home

Whether you’re looking to update your heating system, or you simply would like to update your old radiators and add some style to your home, finding a decent radiator at your ideal price point doesn’t have to be a hassle. Nowadays, you can find a stunning radiator that not only matches your style, but improves your energy consumption all year round. Below are my top choices for designer radiator styles, and how you can style them for your interior design in 2021. 


Today, modern radiators come in all shapes and sizes, but 2021 looks to be the year of larger looking radiators with sleek and flat designs. These modern radiators lay flush against the wall and help to make spaces appear larger and more open than if you own an older radiator. Opt for a colour other than white if you’re looking to make an interior design statement for 2021. 


If your taste in interiors is slightly more retro, then why not opt for a retro style radiator with a modern twist? Real retro radiators can up your fuel consumption by up to 40%, meaning that you’re spending more money on energy. However, choosing a modern radiator with a retro style can keep your interiors looking eclectic without worsening your carbon footprint.  


Vertical radiators are stunning, and they’ve had a huge boom in terms of interior design in the past few years. Choosing a Uniquely Designed Electric Radiator doesn’t have to mean you go with the grain, and opting for a vertical or other uniquely styled radiators can be the difference between a drab room or something more eye-catching and welcoming for guests. 


As most radiators are white, make a bold statement for 2021 and opt for a black radiator. These can be bought, or you can update your old radiator with specialist paint. You can purchase radiator paint at most DIY and hardware stores. 


Alternatively, you could go bold with your colour choice. Bold primary colours are squaring up to be a big aesthetic in 2021, so why not jump the curve and paint your radiator in a royal blue or muted yellow. When paired with deeper tones, you’ll have a radiator that stands out and pulls a room together.

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