3 Cool Upcycling Garden Ideas for 2021

In case you didn’t already know, upcycling is more than just a fad. Upcycling is the process of creating new, artistic and practical items from old objects. While upcycling may sound like another form of recycling, there is one key difference. With recycling, waste is broken down and processed in order to create something new. But with upcycling, waste remains in its original state and is creatively transformed – usually in an artistic manner. Indeed, you will require a great deal of creativity to repurpose salvaged resources in such sustainable ways. Especially with your garden, the possibilities are endless. What you decide to do (and how it’s done) should be geared towards nurturing greenery and foliage. Seeing as the world is reeling from the second wave of COVID-19, you can release some tension by working on your garden.

Individual fence planters with soup cans

It is understandable why you will want to avoid spending so much money on creating an idyllic garden in these times. You can avoid splurging just by exploring what you have in your kitchen. Have you used soup cans recently and immediately tossed them in the bin? You better get them right away and give them a good wash! Those soup cans you thought had no use, could become fence garden lifesavers. How? Keep reading to find out.

You can fill up soup and vegetable cans with loamy soil and quickly transform them into unique planters. For that aesthetic effect in the garden, drill a single hole in the top part of each can and hang them onto nails lined up on your fence. Usually, diagonal arrangements look more appealing and allow the improvised planters to grow without spatial restrictions. More importantly, it is a great way to utilize space for a small garden. Even better, you don’t get to spend a dime on this innovative craft.

Grow hedge plants in your garden

Whether trimmed or left uncut, hedge plants can beautify the garden they grow in. In many instances, people prefer to nurture these plants first in biodegradable bags before transferring them to the exact spot for planting. Plants that make excellent hedges are Leylandii and the Japanese Holly.

However, the Prunus Lusitanica is fast becoming a preferred choice for garden hedges. Be careful when using the Portuguese laurel (another name for the prunus lusitanica) because its leaves and berries are highly poisonous to humans and animals. Nonetheless, it is a drought-tolerant plant and easily susceptible to root rot. Therefore, you must ensure that where you plant them can quickly drain off excess water.

A Petunia arrangement in a dug-out wicker chair

Instead of throwing out that worn-out wicker chair, it can become a constant feature in your garden. With some petunia flowers planted in an old metal bucket, this upcycled style transforms a blank garden to one with an exquisite feature. If you can confirm that the chair is good enough (although old) to be used, cut out the seat portion in a round shape. The hole you cut out should be a size which your old metal bucket containing the petunias can fit into. Converting your indoor furniture into a sustainable outdoor garden feature will make your backyard stand out.

In effect, whatever you decide to do with your garden should positively impact the environment. Upcycling has been around for decades but has gained grounds in recent years. Spruce up your garden with whatever sustainable item you can find and make good use of it in your garden.

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