4 Simple Methods Of Bringing The Outdoors, Indoors

It can be very nice to encourage a seamless transition between your interior home and your exterior garden, provided you have the space to do so. This is, for the most part, the best way to enjoy the summer months. Not only does it encourage air flow throughout your home and amazing ventilation, but ease of access to your green space, helping your entire property feel much larger.

This can also be a wonderful consideration if you hope to entertain guests at some point in the future, or if you simply want to feel less confined and limited in the midst of a national lockdown.

But how can we actually bring the outdoors indoors? Surely we need to keep a distinction between the two spaces, lest we encounter dirty carpets or perhaps open ourselves up too much to the elements. While there are some amazing concept houses out there that eschew the need for a closed door integrated into a living space entirely, it’s unlikely that this is something you’re looking for, and it requires very specific geography to pull that off.

With our simple advice, you’ll be sure to mak the most of this area in a way that will look both beautiful and appropriate for current decors:

Exterior Doors

Worthwhile patio doors or sliding doors can often be opened outwards or across, maximizing the space they offer, and allowing for a welcoming boundary to be easily stepped over. This can be wonderful in the summer months when the sun shining outside can bring joy to your activities inside, or you can more easily come in and out to entertain or serve food.

These doors, installed in this fashion, can also still serve as secure and reliable borders when necessary, meaning you get the best of both worlds. In some cases, a slight step from the interior of your home to the exterior may leave a little ramp having to be put down, particularly for those with mobility issues. Thankfully, portable options can be found, and they are often tremendously effective at nurturing a space.

Large Installed Windows

Letting the natural light in can work wonders in bringing the outdoors in itself, without having to actually open up to the outside. If you’re looking for a strategy that works as a median option, you could find that large installed windows, perhaps floor to ceiling, can offer this kind of view.

This can be especially lovely if you have a nice view from your back garden, and aren’t concerned about the privacy a door can bring you. Furthermore, these are quite easy to clean, and can help you truly light up the room in a resplendent fashion. Don’t discount the potential of larger or well-framed windows with limited adornments dividing the glass, they can look absolutely beautiful, and in some cases may even work perfectly with a set of slighting or patio doors as discussed.

Wall Gardens

Of course, it can also be a lovely idea to actually bring some of the outdoors inside, not only in a figurative sense. A wall garden can help visually introduce your garden space, curated with flowers or plants you find most appealing.

The upkeep of these wall gardens is often quite minimal, but can make a truly astounding visual impact. They can also be applied in many sizes, meaning that no matter the length or width of your free wall space, you should be able to find something that works for you.

Even if you simply decide to pot plants outside on your patio or use hanging baskets to add a little color and verve, using greenery to help obfuscate the natural actual borders of inside and outside can ensure the space feels seamless as desired, and with these methods, you can switch up the aesthetic any time you feel bored.

Patio & Garden Furniture

Of course, having a landing stage for your feet to stand on that isn’t immediately grass can be important when exiting your interior space. For that reason, decking and patios are very popular in order to achieve this effect. It could be that you integrate a raised platform with steps leading down to the garden if your green space descends. Having a space like this to relax and feel comfortable can be quite important, and it also gives you a sturdy place to curate your garden furniture.

A chiminea can be a great talking point and may be orbited by chairs. A large fixed awning can also provide shelter against worse weather conditions if appropriate. What matters is distinguishing just what is best for your particular home, and which fundamentals are most important to you. Some people, for example, enjoy integrating a koi pond in their back garden, or creating a small vegetable patch. Your patio can serve as a worthwhile backdrop to that, helping you make the most of this space. Whatever you choose – make sure it’s easy to clean. This makes the natural division between outside and insight much easier, and could prevent a family member or friend from having to change footwear each time they come out or in.


What’s good for you is often different to what’s good for someone else, and this goes triple when it comes to the nuances of our home layout and design. Bringing the outside in might be more possible for someone who has a larger garden, but those with a small space can manage it, too.

All you need is to have a cohesive and comprehensive idea regarding that which you hope to use your space for. If you have children and wish for them to be entertained, then it could be that implementing a trampoline and some climbing equipment can be a good idea, as well as an exterior table where drinks and refreshments can be found. That can be enough.

Furthermore, it’s worth considering which interior room leads out into the garden as well. If it’s your living room, considering if carpet is necessary or if hardwood floors should be installed can define how easy outdoor-inside movement is to clean up afterwards. The same goes for privacy – it might be that just the patio doors and no floor to ceiling windows are appropriate if you don’t wish your neighbors to see inside. Consequently, it could be that planting a treeline could help with that a little.

In other words, don’t feel bad if all or only little of this advice applies to you. Everyone can bring the inside out and the outside in if they work with the virtues of their property. With this advice, you’ll be sure to do that!

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