My Favourite Statement Furniture

With interior design, I tend to find myself lusting after quirky statement pieces that can take a room to the next level. For example, if a sofa is a bright contrasting colour, or a set of drawers has an intricate design, I tend to favour them more than other furniture. Although, having said that, I also believe that sleek and modern furniture can also be a huge statement depending on the room you’re decorating. Below are some examples of my favourite statement furniture and how I usually style them depending on the room. 

Quirky Sofas 

Mostly used in living rooms and offices, a sofa is one of the largest furniture items that you’ll have in your home. It will also be one of the most used, meaning that you shouldn’t pass up on comfort for style. It’s all about finding that balance between fashion and practicality. For example, I absolutely love the look of this sofa. Yes, it’s a hotdog, yes and it’s absolutely ridiculous, but it appeals to my quirky side and could actually be a bold statement in your living room. However, do I think it will be comfortable? Absolutely not. My advice? Go for a comfortable sofa in a bold colour or with a statement pattern to spruce things up. 

Sleek TV Units

TV units come in many shapes and sizes. For me, the larger the unit it the better. It means I can place my TV and my stereo setup in one place, all whilst keeping a modern and sleek interior. Unit installations, such as those offered by Aesthetix Furniture, offer a great sleek alternative to bulky units and are definitely worth looking into.

Extra Large Beds 

Another large item of furniture I absolutely love is large beds. The larger the better in my opinion. You can get pretty decent beds from the likes of IKEA for relatively cheap. So if you can afford a larger bed in your bedroom I recommend it! It’s great for starfishing and can draw a room together depending on the style of the headboard.  

Fruit & Vegetable Trolleys 

A smaller item of furniture that can make a statement is fruit trolleys. If you have a smaller kitchen, trolleys are a great space saver, but can also be a standalone statement in themselves. We have a trolley in our kitchen that I found for free on Facebook marketplace. I simply spray painted white paint with pink spray and now it really draws the eye when you walk into the space.

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  1. Gude at Synsera Homes

    February 10, 2021 at 10:04 am

    Great tips, thank you for sharing! I love a bold sofa too.
    Now, I NEED to see that kitchen trolley please.

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