5 Ways to Reduce Social Anxiety

Monday, 13 August 2018

For me, social anxiety can be a real problem. When I was younger, I would be so scared of seeing other people in public that I would get palpitations from the thought of getting on a bus or train.

This actually carried on until University, but along with therapy and medication, I found some ways to ease my anxiety about new and difficult social situations. I’ve added them below in case you fancy trying them out!

Hot Bath/Shower

Whenever I have an event coming up, or I’m simply worried about going out in public (it can happen), I’ll take an hour beforehand to just try and relax. I’ll light some candles, run a bubble bath, and add some lavender oil to the water. My parents recently got rid of our bath (yes I still live at home lol) so I’ve taken some time to just stand under our steam Insignia Shower.

Get some Headspace

If you suffer badly from your anxiety, I actually recommend downloading the Headspace app. I’ve spoken about this app before, but it’s totally worth it. You can get a free trial for a week or so, and even the trail can help you order your thoughts! Practices take about 5 minutes out of your day, so it’s not too imposing.


This might just be me, but I find that tidying my room, lighting candles and changing my bedding can positively affect my mood. I think it’s because I have something to focus on apart from the anxiety? I’m not too sure, but it really helps me to take my mind off of stressful thoughts.

Tackle the Cause

Sometimes, just sitting back and thinking about why you’re so anxious can help you understand why you feel the way you feel. With my public transport fear, I kind of decided one day to sit down with myself and figure it out. I actually realized that it’s because of my fear of terrorism, crowded spaces and strangers. Once I recognized this, my anxiety kind of relaxed a little bit. I still get anxious, don’t get me wrong, but knowing why I get so anxious helps out my mind at ease a little bit.

Putt Yourself First

This one might be obvious, but for some people, it actually isn’t. Putting ourselves first can be a bit of a bizarre concept, but it’s actually super important. The moment I said no to social engagements that made me feel stressed, the better I felt. Of course, I haven’t secluded off from friends, and I don’t recommend you do this either, but sometimes when your mental health is in a bad way, we have to put ourselves first and decline social invitations in order to provide ourselves with some self-care.


Potential Side Effects of Living a Stressful Lifestyle

The symptoms of stress vary, and sometimes we can't even feel the effects of stress on our bodies until it's too late. Do you ever get sick on holiday? Or feel run down at the weekend? It can be our bodies telling us to slow down more often...If you ever feel as though:

- You are rushing around all day, going from one activity to the next.

- You hang out with people who add to your feelings of anxiety.

- You find little time for fun in your life.

- You indulge in unhealthy habits, smoking, heavy drinking, gambling, etc.

- You are continually facing pressure, be that from yourself or somebody else in your life.

… then you are living a stressful lifestyle.

Now, we can’t always escape feelings of stress, but if you know your lifestyle is adding to the problem, you need to do something about it. While the natural remedies found at NextDayCBD are a practical solution to alleviate stress symptoms, as are the medications prescribed to you through your doctor, you also need to change the way you live. If you don’t, you may fall prey to the side-effects of a stressful lifestyle, which I've outlined below.

According to research, stress can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. I've had a first hand experience of this, and trying to remove stress and stressful situations in my life has helped to alleviate some of my anxiety.

When you are in a stressed state, you will find it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks. Whether at home or at work, you may make mistakes or forget important details, and this can lead to further consequences. Take some time to think about what's causing you stress, and take some steps to remove the reason from your life. This could simply be removing toxic friends (ghosting is the way), or practising meditation and mindfulness. 

Should you go to bed with unresolved stresses playing on your mind, you will find it difficult to sleep. Not only will insomnia be a problem, as you toss and turn playing over your stressors in your mind, but the quality of your sleep will be negatively affected as well.

Comfort eating is one way to battle feelings of stress, and for many people, this means reaching for chocolate or junk foods, rather than those foods that can combat stress. As a consequence, feelings of stress will be compounded, as health problems can arise as a result of unhealthy eating, including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. I've struggled with binge eating for a number of years, but recently I've been taking small steps to stop myself doing it, and I can honestly say my stress levels have calmed down.

Stress can also suppress the immune system, making you more vulnerable to infections and illness. This can include such things as the common cold and skin problems, but there are more pressing concerns, as studies suggest there is the added risk of autoimmune diseases as well.

So, consider your lifestyle. If you are at risk of stress, or you are currently feeling the effects of stress, then you need to take steps to change the way you live. This includes reducing stressful activities and finding more time for calming activities. It also means quitting bad habits and making more of an effort to adhere to good habits, such as more exercise and healthier eating.


Why I’m Walking Away from the Diet Industry

Friday, 10 August 2018

I’ve been dieting since I was 14 years old. I’ve constantly looked at myself with scrutiny, denying myself clothes, food, experiences and happiness; all because I was worried about my body and the way it jiggles. In the past year alone I’ve dropped and gained 12 lbs, seen a personal trainer each week and pushed myself to limits that made me sick. But why should I do that? Okay, so my body isn’t what others want it to be, and to an extent, it isn’t where I want it to be either, but I’ve been doing some thinking over the past week, and I’ve come to some hefty conclusions.

My body has been through some shit. Self-harm, bingeing, purging, excess, illness, and mental health issues. My body has overcome everything I’ve ever put it through, and I still stand in the mirror and actively choose to hate it on the daily. Why would I do that? This body has been there for me again and again, it’s suffered through disease, skin problems, autoimmune problems, and it still fights for me every damn day.

So I like pizza, cheese and bread, so what? I also like vegetables, jogging, swimming and fruit. Despite what society tells me, I am not something to be ashamed of, and I won’t be ashamed any longer. I still want to be healthy, and I’ll always pursue that, but not because I want to lose weight, but because I want to feel strong, to feel healthy. I’m not going to push myself to extremes anymore, but I am going to explore my fitness and enjoy the process.

I don’t want to diet anymore, I don’t want to deny myself things that I think I don’t deserve because I’m fat. Because yeah, I’m chunky, but does that stop my boyfriend from loving me? My friends from going out with me? My family from being there for me? Absolutely not. My body has no effect on these things, and I won’t let myself think about it that way again.

That being said, I don’t want to fall down the path of binge eating either. I know it only leads to purging, and I won’t do that to myself anymore either. I think that my eating from now on will fall somewhere in the middle. Somewhere between the binge and the purge – getting there might be hard, but you know, I’m quite excited to have my control back. I won’t be controlled by eating plans, diets, fasting, smoothies, syns, shakes or tablets any more.

For so long I clung on to Slimming World, forced myself to see that “it’s just a lifestyle change” and that it’s good for me. When I think about it more, how often do Slimming World foods include sweeteners, fry light, light spread and light cheese? It’s a plan that’s based on cutting fat from our diets, fats that we really need for healthy skin and joints. We need a mix of nutrition in our diets – and I’d rather focus on what my body needs to survive, and not what diet companies tell me it needs to look better.

I have dry skin, stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite, saggy breasts, my stomach is a little loaf of bread and I’m going to start working on embracing these things. Reading Body Positive Power by Body Posi Panda has really opened my eyes to accepting myself, and hopefully, I can go down the path of loving my body.

I wanted to write this as a note to myself more than anything, to re-read when I’m feeling low about myself. Because I know it will happen. I’ll reach a point where I’ll want to diet or try a new trend, and its times like that when I’ll need to reread this. If you’re fed up of dieting, waiting for something to change, or you’re on the verge of getting back into bad eating habits, I really recommend reading Body Posi Panda’s book – it’s such a good read and I can’t recommend it enough.


Top Tips To Quit Drinking This Year

Monday, 6 August 2018

Alcohol is a fun habit to have. It's one of those things which often revolves around social interaction. Drinking can be fun sometimes, however, alcohol itself isn’t good for the body and it should really be something we avoid for our health and well-being. If you want to cut down or quit your drinking this year, here are some of the top tips you need to follow.

Admit the issue

The main thing which stops us from being able to stop drinking and get back on track in life is the fact that we never admit that we have a problem. If you go about your daily life thinking that a couple of glasses of wine in the evening is fine, you will never be able to break out of the cycle and do something about the habit. Think about admitting to yourself that you drink too much and this will stay in the back of your mind every time you do have a drink. You will be more likely to second-guess picking up a beer or your bottle of wine next time.

Have a reason

The best way to quit drinking is to make sure that you have a good reason for doing it. Think about all of the things you want to achieve and the things which require you to stop drinking so much. A common goal is to lose weight, and you will notice a massive drop in your weight when you put down your drink and swap it out for juice or water instead.

Make it a priority

If you know that you want to quit drinking and you have issues managing it yourself, there is no shame in doing to alcohol rehab and getting some help and guidance in your journey. You need to dedicate yourself to your goals no matter what it takes, and even if it means taking time out of your week, it will be worth it in the end when you no longer depend on a drink to calm your stress at the end of the day.

Change activities

The main issue people struggle with when they are trying to cut down on drinking is the social aspect of it all. Drinking is an incredibly social thing and you will often meet up with friends with the sole goal to get drunk and have a good time. But if you want to stay connected with friends and cut down on the drink there are other ways to spend your time. Try finding activities to do with your friends which don’t involve alcohol and it will make things easier for you to cope with. You will soon find that you no longer feel the need to drink with your friends and you can instead find new hobbies which you enjoy doing together.


5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Home For Winter

Thursday, 2 August 2018

 When you’re trying to save money where you can, household bills can be a complete money drainer in winter. Not only this, but the season is the worst for losing energy in the home. With Furnace Friday behind us, and the nights getting darker, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming winter months, and how they can affect our purses and wallets. But there are some things you can do to both save energy, prepare for winter, and keep those energy bills low. 

Ensure your appliances are working

First things first, you can check your appliances to ensure they’re well up to date and performing well. The boiler and radiators can be some of the first appliances to break down in the lead up to winter, so make sure they work correctly. If you find that your appliances are outdated, make sure you replace or update them. Energy saving doesn’t have to mean cheap looking – there are plenty of options to have Stylish Designer Radiators for great prices throughout the home.

Stock Up

Now I’m not saying become one of those people who stock pile food and stuff like that – but make sure you have some essentials ready to pick at if you’re stuck in on a snow day (or if it’s just too cold to leave the house!). This could be tinned food or beauty products.

Take Precautions

In the past few years, the weather has been a bit crazy. With the wildfires in Greece and California this summer, it might not be such a reach to assume that something big will happen in winter to. You can take some precautions for extreme weather a few ways:

-Stock up on candles (for any power outages)

-Check your tires (bald tires are more dangerous on the roads)

-Buy solar-powered battery packs (for charging phones in an emergency)

Sleep Cozy

Leaving your heating on overnight is a sure fire way to burn up your money as you sleep. Try and turn off your heating, or schedule it to come on at a certain time in the morning. If you get cold during the night, opt for a thicker duvet, hot water bottles, or even electric blankets.

Dress for the Occasion

One sure fire way to get a cold is by not dressing appropriately. Make sure you’re dressed for winter, and grab some gloves, scarves and hats for you and the family. Also ensure you have a thick coat and insulated shoes should you need them!

Creating a Strong Relationship with your Parents

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Yep, that's me as a mushroom baby
Do you remember the last time you told your parents that you loved them? Or perhaps did something selflessly for them to help them in some way? You may think that you are the perfect child, or do everything you can for your parents, but often it is the simple things that can make all of the difference. The truth is they won’t be here forever, so now might be the ideal time to show them just how much you love them. I wanted to share with you a few simple ways you could do it.

Enjoy the nostalgia

As we get older we are more likely to reminisce about the past, and your parents will be no different, in fact, they will perhaps enjoy doing it all the more. So embrace that with them and talk to them about the past. Ask about their childhood and learn things. Talk about your parent's relationship and inquire about how you were as a child. They will enjoy talking about it and you may learn a thing or two, and some things you wish you never learned (I was conceived to a Right Said Fred song).

Listen to their advice and take it on board

Your parents have been there and done that, so why not ask them for advice if you are going through a tough time or need some help with something? It can be that they can help you look at things from a different perspective, help in some way, or offer a solution to your problem you may not have thought about.

Consider their options as they get older

This is a tough one. But as each day passes you get older but so do your parents, and it may come a time when they are struggling with their health, be that physically or mentally. Sometimes, especially with mental health like dementia or Alzheimers, you need to consider that a dementia care home might be the best solution. I think my plan is to never let my parents age or get to a point like that - now to find a cure to ageing...

Include your parents in your life

Could you do more to include your parents in your life? As a child you may have regularly shared your achievements with them from school or college, but now that you are an adult do you do the same thing? They are still going to be wanting to hear how well you are doing or any achievements you have succeeded at, so involve them in your life and get them involved. It is also important to involve them in your lives when it comes to having children. They will love spending time with your family and being part of it all. Up until recently, I met my parents' questions about my day with "boring", but now I try and tell them things I got up to at work or with my boyfriend.

Saying “I love you”

Finally, it could it be as simple as just saying “I love you” that will make their day. We perhaps don’t talk about our feelings enough, not just with our parents, but in general. So you may want to think about telling them more often. 


Cheap Ways to Renovate Your Home

If you’ve just bought a new house, or you’re looking to change up your décor, without having a hefty price tag attached, then here are some ways in which you can renovate your home in a cheap and cheerful way!


Whether you’re thinking of redecorating, tearing up the garden or simply changing up the furniture, getting hands-on in the home is a great way to save cash and feel a bit more accomplished with your project. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, and do some research into your project before getting stuck in. You may find that Google is a great way to learn how to do some DIY in your home.

Search for Cheaper Alternatives

If you’re renovating the kitchen, bathroom, or another major area in the home, be sure to check out cheaper alternatives. Companies such as Specialist Kitchen Removals offer kitchen removal services. Hiring a company like this will avoid the need to hire a skip, and means you can get on with your renovation as soon as possible.

Keep it in the family

Looking for a plumber or carpenter? See if anyone in your family is a skilled worker, or ask friends if they know anyone in the trade. Finding someone local that you know may mean you’re offered lower discounted prices for services. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth checking out people of interest just in case!

Paint is your friend

If you’re thinking of repainting a room, get stuck in! Paying a decorator to paint it for you can set you back upwards of £100. Buying paint yourself and doing it alone can cost half of this. Even better, ask friends to come and help & turn into a fun evening. I know painting sounds hella boring, but order some Chinese and get the tunes on, you may find that time doesn’t go by so slowly.

Thrift Away

New Curtains, Rugs and other large items can cost a pretty penny. Make sure to look in used or charity stores before deciding on a new purchase. As well as this, check out apps and websites such as shpock and eBay, as local people in your area might be selling the bargain you’re looking for.


A Return to Blogging

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Okay, so I’ve decided to come back to blogging. If you haven’t read my post on deciding to go on a break, you can read it here. I had a few different reasons, and I think that my main point was the disillusionment with the blogging community at the moment. I won’t go into it again, but after having a think, I’ve realized that I actually don’t have to adhere to a certain stereotype when it comes to my blog. It can be crazy, filled with think pieces, stuff I like and everything else. I’m going to focus on a niche, and I’m not going to actively worry about anything else.

I originally created this blog as a space to expand my writing style, talk about beauty and other things. I plan on keeping it that way – completely lighthearted and nothing too serious. When I tried to make everything match (twitter, Instagram, Facebook) it really got me down because I felt as though this blog was my defining feature. But, it isn’t. My life differs every day, and so do my dreams. Also, the idea to take this site seriously was just another thing to get me down. I don’t want this site to be serious, and if that effects the way brands look at me, then so be it.

In the past, I’ve tried to incorporate my writing and photography into this blog, but I’ve decided to keep these things separate. My writing will be focused on my stories, and I’m currently working on a really cool project. I’m also writing my book and doing everything like that away from the internet. And, with my photography, a really exciting new website is in the pipeline. As well as this, I’m working on a gaming and film blog! Who knows, down the line, I may move on from this blog completely. But until then I’m going to use this website to have some fun and talk about random shit.

I’ll be working on this website over the next few months, and I’ll actually be starting a youtube channel, because why tf not? Me and my friend are going on holiday and I want to make a vlog so I can remember it! I’ll also be moving over to Wordpress and I plan on talking a bit more about skincare, which is something I’m trying to focus on a lot at the moment.

So yeah, here’s to being chill af and creating content based on whatever the fook I want.


Seborrheic Dermatitis and REN Clean Skincare: The Evercalm Range

Monday, 23 July 2018

I’ve not spoken about my skin for a while, mostly because I’ve come to terms with it. I will never have crystal clear poreless skin, but that’s just me, and it’s something I’m learning to accept.

That being said, I thought I’d write a little intro to this post, just to catch anyone up who doesn’t know about it. For years, I thought I had psoriasis on my face. In Universtiy, I noticed a red patch of sore and red skin growing from my hairline down to my eyebrows. My doctor, assuming it was also psoriasis, gave me some cream. This didn’t work, and the rash continued to grow. After seeking a second opinion, I was told it was eczema and told to try some steroid creams.

As the rash reached my cheeks, I become severely depressed, and demanded to be referred to a dermatologist. I did this with my mum in the room, because I was anxious about raising the issue. Since this, I have been diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis, and I’ve been trying to get on with my life. 

Some things help the flare-ups, and others definitely do not. But when I was offered the chance to try the Evercalm range with REN Clean Cosmetics, I decided to try it out for other people who have been diagnosed with the same problem as me!

REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk Review

Up until now, cleansing gels and milks have never really worked on my skin. They tend to super dry out my face, but with this, I think I’m on to a winner. I use this after my face scrub, which removes the dry patches and lather it up in my hands before rubbing into my face. The texture is quite thick, which is perfect for my skin, and glides on without any drying or painful tingles. I wash it off and pat my face dry.

So far, I’ve had no problems with this milk, it seems to leave my face feeling smoother, and doesn’t dry out my problem zones. I then either put on the day cream or E45, depending on how dry my skin is that day.

Ren Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

I used this mask for the first time last night! I was waiting for the perfect time to relax and slather this on, so I lit some candles, got in the bath, and relaxed for 10 minutes or so with this all over my face. The consistency is thicker than the Cleansing Gel, and again it doesn’t dry out on your face. Simply wash the remainder off. This mask also leaves your face feeling smooth and plump, and I feel like I could notice the redness on my cheeks look less firey. 

Ren Clean Skincare Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

Now, if you have super dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend just using this product. I’d maybe put this on after a shower and then top up with E45 or rosehip oil about 20 minutes later. I found that although this is great for getting rid of some redness, it doesn’t hydrate the Sahara desert that is my forehead. This may be totally different for those who suffer from redness/acne and no dryness though! I still recommend giving it a try nonetheless. 


Why Your Lifestyle is Changing Your Face

Friday, 20 July 2018

Have you ever noticed how your hands are a lighter shade than your face? Your hands are flexing thousands and thousands throughout the day, which means they have a lot of blood flow. Lots of veins spread out from your wrist to your palm and fingers. Fresh oxygen is getting to the muscles and skin, so in fact, your true healthy color is on your hands. The face, however, has lots of tiny muscles but the main blood flow travels up to the brain. Your face doesn’t move a lot even when talking, so old liquids and blood just sought of hangs around. But what can change this, without buying expensive beauty products?

What are your habits?

We wear our lifestyle on our faces. The things we do without having a second thought, often end up hurting our looks. One glass of wine a day is fine, but too much alcohol makes your face puffy and bloated

Another is obvious and staring you in the face. Smoking has a number of horrible repercussions on your looks. Your cheeks lose their natural color and become duller; a slightly grey shade. Your face becomes drier also and thus wrinkles form quicker. Cutting back on drinking is far easier than stopping smoking but many pharmacies offer a stop smoking service. Just walk in and talk to the pharmacist behind the counter, and they will direct you to the right kind of nicotine alternatives to you. From gum, patches and even to sprays, you can get your nicotine through different ways without harming your complexion.

When I stopped smoking, I noticed a huge change in my complexion. My face wasn't as dry, and I slowly started to get colour back into my cheeks. 


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