Quirky Interior Design Trends A/W 2018

Friday, 16 November 2018

Looking to overhaul your interiors this winter? Here are some of the top trending designs for 2018!

Winter Desert 

Usually reserved for summer months, the desert trend seems no sign of slowing this year. Think gold cactus cups, green pattern throw pillows and deep green/purple wallpaper and colours to bring an element of warmth to the room.

Victorian Revival

Think Luxury Fabrics, apothecary trinkets, velvet sofas and deep wooden accents. The Victorian trend is coming in hot and heavy this winter, and honestly? I'm loving it. For inspiration watch Dracula and Penny Dreadful.

Blue Grey 

One of the colours standing out this year is Blue Grey. Not quite black, not quite grey and too deep to be called "just" blue, this trend is surely one we're bound to see on Christmas dinner tables this year. Although black and grey come across as cold colours, the blue aspect really warms up the palette.


A more subtle trend this year comes in shades of beige. Nude colours aren't new in the world of interior design, but mixing nude shades with mocha and richer browns with altering textures is! I think Kim K actually boosted this trend with a view into her and Kanye's home earlier this year, but it seems more and more stylists are featuring this decor. 


How To Enjoy A Sweet Treat… Without It Taking Over Your Life

Thursday, 25 October 2018

For a lot of us, sweet treats are something we savour, and have once in a while. But for so many others, sugar is a substance indelibly tied with internal battles, whether we feel tempted to have it first thing in the morning for breakfast or have it little and often during the day. While there's a very lengthy list of what sugar actually does to us, it's also incredibly addictive. But, we shouldn't have to view sugar as something to be completely avoided, but something that should be enjoyed once in a while. But if you are one of those people who can't have just one cookie, how can you enjoy a simple sweet treat without it taking over your life?

Limit Your Choices

One of the first things they say when totally overhauling your diet is to get rid of the sweet treats from your store cupboard. That way, the temptation doesn't rear its head. But in addition to this, if you have a family where sweet treats are part and parcel, like if you have kids, or a partner that brings ice cream home every day, you need to limit the variety. The more variety you have of any food, the more of it you want to eat. So by that logic, limit your choices to one type of sweet food, and the temptation should begin to subside.

Know Your Kryptonite

If you are someone that polishes off a packet of cookies, or you can easily eat your way through a tub of Haagen-Dazs without even thinking about it, it's important to know what your specific sweet kryptonite is. We all have our favorites, and we know we can't have just one of these. So, by knowing what your downfall is, you avoid these sweets like the plague. We all have something we cannot resist, and if you have an unhealthy addiction to sugar, and you don't feel full unless you've had a sweet treat, it's better in the long run for you to go cold turkey. You are paying the price, not just in your health, but your teeth can get horribly discoloured, and while you can get affordable implants, the best course of action is to nip it in the bud.

Find Healthier Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

And if there are some things that you love, are there ways to make healthier versions? Of course, we know they don't taste the same when we make them ourselves, but that's because of all of the unhealthy oils and sugars that are loaded into these calorie dense candies. If you feel like a meal isn't complete until you've had dessert, are there ways for you to cut down on your sugar intake, but still having that sweet craving satisfied? While fruit is one of those ways to do it, a lot of us can feel cheated by having fruit for dessert, so what is the solution? One of the best approaches is to fill up on that. Fat has got a bad rep nowadays, but, the tide is turning as fat can make you feel full, but without the carbs and sugar which lead to weight gain. A lot of people make fat bombs, which are, in essence, good fats like butter or coconut oil, mixed with high cocoa dark chocolate. Remember, if you are trying to beat your sweet cravings, dark chocolate could be a big help. Not all chocolate is made equal. And in fact, the chocolate on the shelves in the supermarkets are pretty low in cocoa content. The higher the cocoa content, the less sugar in it. And the other way for you to get complete control over your sugar intake is to make your own desserts at home. Nowadays, with sweeteners like xylitol or agave nectar, these are ingredients that can be added to mixtures to bump up the sweetness, but without the weight gain.

And the most important thing to really hammer home, especially if you've got a problem with sugar and can't stop eating it, is to take some time off it and see how you feel. Sure, the first couple of days detoxing from sugar are a killer, but once you get over that, you feel more energetic. Making sugar a part of your life without it being your life is something a lot of people struggle to come to terms with. Others are savoury in their food tastes, but for those with sweet teeth, they are fighting this battle each and every day.


Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

Friday, 12 October 2018

Game of Thrones Inspired

Looking for something rugged and Game of Thrones inspired? Think Hogtastic Hog Roasts, Fur Coats and open fires. Table ideas include house names (Stark, Targaryen), just don’t let it turn into a red wedding...


Think outdoor midsummer dreams with fairy light, tea light candles and wildflowers. Consider branches and fauna sprinkled on the table and create a woodland atmosphere in the venue itself.

Bookworms Wedding

Love reading? Why not make your wedding a bookworms dream. Table names can be called your favourite books, table settings could include stacks of books and even decorations could include book pages.

Detective Theme Wedding

Whether you love a bit of Poirot or Sherlock, a detective theme wedding could be super fun for both you and the guests. Why not have them solve a murder mystery after the ceremony, or even just name your tables after your favourite detectives?

Halloween Wedding

Halloween lover? Why not make your ceremony all things spooky with a black or red dress, tonnes of dark decor and black candles to top it all off? You could also feature orange flowers in your bouquet for extra autumn vibes.

Masquerade Wedding

Looking for mystery? Make your wedding something to remember. You could send your guest masks to wear on the evening and feature elegant touches in your venue to top it all off. I’m thinking the ballroom scene in Van Helsing, but that’s quite niche…

Harry Potter Nuptials

I love this idea. Not sure if I would do it myself but hats off to whoever fancies it. Table names could be houses and professors, and you may even find your wedding rings in the sorting hat...

Alice in Wonderland

Mad hatters gin party? I would be down for that. Think cocktails in teacups and casino games. This would also be a great theme if you love a splash of colour! Blues and reds all round would make a perfect accent.

Disney Theme

Lover of Disney? Why not make your wedding Disney themed with subtle hints of magic such as Mickey Mouse shoes and a castle cake?

Wrestling Theme

Again, niche, but something I can 100% get down with. Wrestler name tables, entrance music walking down the aisle? Hilarious.

Gamer Wedding

Big fan of games? Why not turn your wedding into a gamer delight with board games and console setups to last you all night.


My Top A/W Trainers 2018

Thursday, 11 October 2018

I’ve been wearing trainers more and more recently. I literally remember a time when I would cringe about wearing trainers and jeans because I thought it was tacky haha. Now I legit wear them every day for work. Here are some of my favourite trends in trainers for A/W this year and where you can buy them.

Chunky AF

Chunky trainers aren’t exactly a new trend, but they’re fast becoming one of the most sought-after styles on ASOS. Below are some of my top picks this season.

CAT Intruder Chunky Sole Trainers £85

Buffalo Classic Chunky Sole Trainers £149

Calvin Klein Marvin Chunky Sole Trainers £135

ASOS Design Chunky Trainers in Leopard Print £45

Running Shoes

I don’t know why, but I always want to go running more when the cold weather starts to hit. I hate running in the heat, so maybe that’s why! Here are my top picks in running trainers for A/W 2018.

Sketchers Meridian Trainers £60

Adidas Questar Ride Trainers £65

Adidas Duramo Trainers £55

New Balance Cruz v2 Trainers £80

Everyday Wear

Everyday trainers are great for work, walking the dog or just taking the bins out. I’m loving Gola Shoes at the moment so be sure to check out their new range!

Nike Blush Suede Trainers £67

Nike Khaki Air Max 97 Trainers £145

Adidas Originals Falcon Trainer £85

Gola Bullet Suede Trainer £29


Self Love & Commiting to Yourself

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Has anyone else noticed the new trend emerging all about self-appreciation and self-loving? Self love has been around for years, but recently I've been hearing a lot about the self-love ring. Some women are literally marrying themselves. Now that's commitment...

Working with Angelic Diamonds, who are retailers of engagement rings, I wanted to take a closer look at this self marriage trend, and see how it all came about...

Where Did The Trend Come From?

A quick keyword search found that the trend of self marriage started in late 2016. But where did this idea of self engagement rings come from? I mean, I can see the appeal, sparkly ring without the commitment? I'm in. But the trend could potentially have started due to:

  • - The spike of social media movements leading to self love. With the likes of the body positive and fat acceptance movement, I can see why more and more women are taking to loving themselves a little more. 
  • - Celebrities, such as Ashley Graham, have really created a boom of self love in recent years. They've spoken up about their relationship with their body, and have encourage people to stop photo-shopping their images online.

If you think about it, the rise in mindfulness and meditation could also be a big factor in loving ourselves a little more, as we're forced to take an inward look at ourselves before judging our outer bodies. 

Self-Love Rings - What's The Deal?

Like I said before, I can totally understand why people are buying rings for themselves. If you have the money and the resources to do it, then why not? It's an ultimate commitment to self love, which it neat. Ideally worn on your pinky as a promise to love yourself, these rings are usually bought as smaller engagement rings, and are meant to mean a lifetime dedicated to loving and caring for yourself. 

Marrying Yourself

Now, there's self love, and there's marrying yourself in a homemade ceremony. With the first of its kind happening in 1993, a sologamous wedding means you marry yourself and promise to cherish the relationship you have with yourself. Talk about extra. 

Although the marriage isn't legal (you can't really divorce yourself in modern society...) it seems as though more and more women are taking part in self marriage than ever before. 

For others who believe in self love, marriages such as this can also include your best friend, as a sign to cherish friendship above romantic love. Would you ever marry yourself?


On Deciding Whether to Rent or Buy

I wanted to talk about something that’s been bothering me a lot at the moment, and it’s the dilemma of whether I would like to rent or buy a property. My mum always says, renting only pays another person’s mortgage, and if you can afford to pay your own, then you should do it. I’m actually in the position to buy my own place, and I’d love it, but am I ready for that commitment? I wanted to draw up a list of pros and cons for each option, in case anyone else has found themselves in a similar situation.



No commitment - when you rent, you’re not committing to the property. Usually, you’re paying for a fixed term tenancy, and you can walk away at the end of the contract without any fees (unless you’ve trashed the place…).

Fixed term - A fixed term is perfect if you’re always on the move. Once your tenancy is over, you can simply move on to the next place.

Landlord covers most issues on the property
- This means that if the boiler breaks, your washing machine overloads or if you experience the leak, the landlord is covered and will be able to deal with the issue for you.


Rent is usually more than a mortgage - Rent is, on average, almost £1k more expensive annually than a mortgage, which can actually hinder your savings if you’re looking to buy a house down the line.

You can’t make major changes to the property - This means you can’t change any aspect of the foundation. So no new kitchens, bathrooms, carpets etc. Some landlords may let you change the odd thing, but you will always need permission to change something in a rented property.

The overall costs are more, monthly than buying - Along with higher rental fees, you’ll also have to pay for your bills, council tax and gas. When you’re buying a house, you can actually shop around for the best deals, in rented accommodation, it’s mostly a flat rate.



You’re investing in yourself - any money that is paid towards your mortgage is ultimately money being spent on yourself. Down the line, you may be able to afford another property. When you sell your current one, this money will go towards the second property. When renting, your money is going into the pocket of your landlord.

You enter the property ladder
- this is the first step to owning property. Down the line, this can mean financial security and the option to live in larger properties if your current home gains value.


Any issues on the property are yours - This means that no landlord will be able to foot the bill for you. To save any issues like this cropping up, the easiest solution is to save.

Extra costs include insurance
- When renting, your landlord will have insurance to cover any damage. When you own your own place, you will need to shop around for insurance to cover any damaged or stolen property.

No matter what you choose, there will always be a mixture of pros and cons on each side. You’ll still have to get a removal company, such as Mr Shifter Removals London to move everything. You’ll still have to save money for new furniture and items for the property, and you’ll still need to pay those bills. It’s not an easy decision to make, and for the most part it’s all about deciding whether you can handle the commitment of buying your own place. Personally, I think I’d want to drive and get that out of the way before I commit to buying my first place.


Plus Size Autumn Jumpers 2018

Friday, 5 October 2018

With the cold weather creeping up on us, I thought I’d share some of my favourite plus size jumpers that I’ve seen so far this season! I always find it hard to find flattering jumpers as a fat gal, but I imagine the following will look great when styled perfectly.


A firm favourite of mine, the ASOS Curve range has some classic jumpers already on offer this Autumn.

Curve Chunky Jumper in Rib with Crew Neck

I love the colour of this jumper, and I can see this becoming a real big colour of the season along with bold contrast lips.

Boohoo Plus Roll Neck Cable Knit Jumper in Camel

Perfect for work, this classic style jumper would suit leggings and cowboy boots!

ASOS DESIGN Curve Chunky Jumper in Rib with Crew Neck

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, then this is the jumper for you. Perfect for work, the pub or just for wearing in the house, everyone needs a junky black jumper.

Micha Lounge Curve Wrap Back Jumper

More loungewear than anything else, I love the back detail of this jumper and can imagine pairing it with joggers and chunky socks as it gets colder later in the year.

Simply Be

I’m loving Simply Be at the moment. They’re bringing out some really cool fitted plus size clothing, and it’s something that I can totally get on board with. I’ve already eyed up a potential Christmas Party Dress on the site,

Super Soft High Neck Jumper in Pink

Another bold colour, I really like the high neck detail here and would pair it with nude lips and nails.

Boo Halloween Jumper

Okay, so I had to add this into the post, just because it’s spooky af! Imagine wearing this for a movie on the sofa or for work on Halloween day.

Junarose Textured Knit Pullover

The perfect winter colour, this pullover would be great to have with you in order to bundle up when the weather turns.

Super Soft Boxy Jumper

This is a fabric I’m seeing a lot of on the Simply Be website, and I’m loving the 90’s vibes it gives off. I’d pair this with gold hoop earrings and wanded curls.

Joanie Clothing

If you’re after a something more kitsch, check out Joanie Clothing. Although they used to go up to bigger sizes, you can still get clothing on the site in up to a size 22 in fit.

Nikita Maybe Baby Slogan Jumper - Black

Etheline Brunch Club Sweatshirt - Pink

Bronte Readers Club Sweatshirt - Yellow

Any of the above would look great paired with any bottom imo, I’d (again) go for leggings because I lack any other style lmao.


What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Do you have one? If so, what is it? My favourite scary movies have changed over the years, but I thought I’d make a list of my top favourites so far. If you’re looking for a new film to try, give the ones below a go! Some are garish, some are creepy and some are just plain cringe. I’m not a huge lover of spooky films, and I tend to watch 90s horror comedies if I do so, so this was a hard list to compile...

Valentine (2001)

I found this film when I was looking for David Boreanaz in anything other than Buffy ( I was pretty obsessed). This teen slasher is based on a man who decides to torment and kill a gang of girls who bullied him in school. It’s a decent watch and aesthetic af.

Interview With A Vampire (1994)

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in a homoerotic vampire epic? I mean yeah, of course, I’m gonna love it. Interview is based on a novel of the same name by Anne Rice (worth a read by the way) and stars a young Kristen Dunst alongside Antonio Banderas as a badass theatre owner.

Queen Of The Damned (2002)

Now, of all the films on this list, this one is the most cringe. It really is a guilty pleasure, because it’s legit trash. A young teen me was obsessed with Lestat, so this was my go to Friday night film. This is also based on an Anne Rice novel, but it was made so far beyond the narrative that you can hardly recognise it.

Scream (1996)

This was actually the first horror movie I watched - and it scared me shitless. The first scene alone gives me shivers to think about, and honestly I still find it creepy to this day. Classic teen slasher about a group of teens who become the victim of a rampant serial killer.

Get Out (2017)

One of the fresher films on this list is Get Out. With themes of deep racism, hypnotism and body horror, this film is a great one to watch this Halloween if you haven’t done so already. This is one of the films that has actually rebooted my interest in modern horror.

A Quiet Place (2018)

Another is A Quiet Place. I made the mistake of watching this at the cinema. The film itself is obviously very quiet, and when paired with loud eaters it’s just not great. That being said, this is actually a really good film and follows a family in a post-apocalyptic world that has been inhabited by deadly aliens who hunt based on sound...

The Descent (2005)

For me, this is a classic horror. A group of female cave explorers enter an underground cavern, only to be stranded and left with terrifying creatures who crave their flesh… Don’t watch this one with the lights off.

Hereditary (2018)

Another new addition to the list is Hereditary. Featuring classic horror elements such as body horror and psychological trauma, this was a huge horror film of this year, and I highly recommend giving it a watch this Halloween.

If you’re planning a Halloween movie fest this year, be sure to get yourself ultra comfortable!


Scary Movie Night Essentials

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

If you haven’t clocked on to the new Netflix and Chills section on Netflix this month, then you need to pronto. There are so many spooky films and TV shows on there for you to get your teeth stuck into this spooky season. But before you settle down to do so, make sure you have some scary movie night essentials/survival gear.

The Ideal Film

First, you need to select the right film (or TV show). If you’re anything like me and my boyfriend, you might spend 30 minutes deciding on the right film to watch. Before you know it, you’re bored and you just want to get comfortable in bed and mess around on your phone.

Decide on the thing you want to watch a few days in advance, as it gives you some time to get excited and hyped about it too. If you need some inspo, google some of the films you might be interested in watching. For me, I want to watch 90’s cult horror films, and google is a gold mine - so make sure you do your research!


Of course, any movie night isn’t complete without snacks to chomp on. You can go for the classics, so popcorn, chocolate, sweets, or you can try your hand at baking, and take to Pinterest in order to find some spooky recipes. If you’re planning a movie night with friends, I have a great idea for you to try! Make an alcoholic (or non-alcoholic if you prefer) red punch and add it to a large bowl. Next, fill a marigold glove (a new one) with water and gummy bears. Let this freeze overnight and peel off the glove to reveal a gory gummy zombie hand, place this in the bowl and you have your own zombie punch!


If you’re easily scared, you can be forgiven for wanting to watch a horror film with the top light on. But if you’re really up for a scare, make sure you have the right atmosphere for it. Light some candles, place some fairy lights in the room and turn the rest of the lights off. You’ll still have light, but the shadows will add to the spooky atmosphere...

Lounge wear/Pj's

Last but not least, everyone needs some comfy pj's or lounge wear before bedding in for a film. My favourite plus size pj's at the moment can be found in the ASOS Curve range and on the Simply Be website! For extra comfort, make sure you’re surrounded with throw pillows and blankets.

You’re all set! Enjoy the film and try not to think about the axe murderer lurking in your house….


Financial Situations Every Twenty-Something Needs To Know How To Handle

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

When it comes to money, it can feel like you have to grow up fast. Between the pressure of paying off student debts, saving up for those rainy days and not to mention your retirement saving, and of course, the expensive housing market, paychecks are in high demand with not enough money to cover everything that needs to be paid, and that is where the issues comes in.

Of course, it doesn’t help that in your twenties, often life is about more than your finances; you simply want to let loose and have fun while you’re young. This can mean going out for dinner a lot, having drinks on the weekends, shopping whenever and wherever you want to (guilty). The fact is that for the most part, the majority of people in their twenties don’t take their finances seriously enough, which can lead to all kinds of issues occurring, both now and in later life. I know this from experience.

Bearing that in mind, it’s more clear than ever that you need to take your finances seriously, because if you don’t, you will end up struggling not only to lead the life that you want to, but also struggling to make ends meet. The good news is that there are steps that you can take to ensure that this isn’t the case and that you are able to handle your finances properly even in your twenties.

To help you get a better handle on your finances, below are some tips and advice for handling a range of financial situations in the best ways possible.

Getting paid a good wage

Don’t splurge. It’s an easy mistake to make. You’ve probably spent years being broke while you were a student and now that you’re out in the world, enjoying life and earning a good income, you most probably feel like you deserve to treat yourself to new clothes, a new car, a fancy new place to live, and so on. However, splurging too soon can lead to financial disaster. You need to continue to live like a broke student while you get to grips with earning a good wage and learn how to spend every penny wisely.

Getting paid a good wage is a good thing, but the fact is that if you don’t know how to cope with this situation, it can lead to all kinds of problems. You can easily get into the habit of overspending, which is not a habit that you want to be in, because that is how you end up in a mess with your finances. It’s far better to spend less than you earn and actually live within your means, as this is a habit that can be extremely useful throughout life.

Struggling with finance

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you can end up struggling with your finances. There isn’t always enough money to make ends meet, regardless of how hard you work or how much you try to ensure that you are budgeting effectively. When you end up in somewhat of a ‘sticky’ financial situation, getting out of it can be hugely stressful. Because often you don’t know what to do or where to turn - it can be a total struggle coping with the situation that you are in, especially if you need the money urgently.

When it comes to coping with a lack of funds, the good news is that there are a lot of options that you can consider. One of which is considering taking out a loan to help you get back on track, as this can make coping a little easier. Of course, it’s only a good idea to take out a loan if you know for sure that it’s affordable to pay it back. If you have bad credit you might be worried about your ability to get a loan but you will be surprised to hear that there are plenty of online personal loans for bad credit, so there’s no need to panic. Just make sure that if you do opt to take out a loan that you are certain that the repayments are affordable, otherwise you may end up in an even worse position than you’re already in.

Getting a credit card

Credit cards are a great resource to have, but if they’re not carefully managed they can lead to financial ruin, which is why if you’re able to take a credit card out, it’s essential that you know how to be a responsible credit card user and don’t make the mistake of going over your credit card limit or failing to make payments. It’s easy to spend money when it’s there, but this is not the mindset that you should get into. You need to get into the mindset of only using your credit card when you need to and only for essentials, not for luxuries.

It’s essential that you know how to be smart about using your credit card and only use it as and when you need to. A good habit to get into is to use your credit card to buy groceries and petrol and then pay it off at the end of each month when you get paid, so that you never end up maxing out your credit card and always have available funds on it for emergency situations. A credit card can be your best friend in emergency situations, it’s just a case of actually taking the time to learn how to use your credit card properly.

When you’re in your twenties, it’s difficult to know how to manage your money effectively. You’re fairly new to adult life, everything is different, you’re living alone for the first time and you have a lot to think about. Managing your money is not always an easy task, as there’s a lot that you need to think about. However, if you are smart about how you manage different situations, you can ensure that when it comes to your finances, you don’t end up in a mess and struggling to make ends meet.


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